Come One Come All!

Come One!! Come All!! After years and decades of service to recyclers, we are proud to announce that Automotive Recyclers of Michigan will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on May 20 – 21st, 2022. What an accomplishment! This big event will be the ARM Road Show and Business Networking Conference and will probably be the biggest one yet. This 50th Anniversary celebration will be held at Morris Rose Auto Parts in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like always, it will have informative seminars and workshops, specialized EV training with my good friend, Andy Latham, New Technology Introductions, Vendor Demonstrations, Team Building, Live Auction, Great food and lots of family fund activities. Plus, can you guess who will be the emcee for this event? If you answered, “DJ”, you’re right! I am really excited to participate.

I have attended many of these road shows over the years and people come from all over to learn. One year, Art and Marie Nordstrom came to see how recyclers put one on so they could do one at their Nordstrom’s location in South Dakota the next year. Even Ron Matthews from Auto Recyclers Association of Rhode Island will be there to see how a successful roadshow works.

This year, I expect all the board members of ARA will be there. I know Marty Hollingshead, ARA President from Northlake Auto Recyclers will be attending because he comes every year. Marty is a wonderful leader and one that you can be proud to know. A great man!

If you would like to participate in the big event with a booth or be a sponsor for something, just call Barbara Utter at 810.695.6760 or email them at The one and only, Bill Wild, the distinguished Mayor of Westland, Michigan and Past President of ARM, became Westland’s Mayor in 2007. He is also the president of the Michigan League and current Chairman of the Conference of Western Wayne, and current Co-chair of the ‘SEMCOG”, Economic Development Task Force. Bill is currently serving his third term on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Risk Management Authority. Come meet this great leader who is also a recycler that might one day be a governor or have a higher office.

Now, this event is a must for everyone in the recycling world. It is being held at one of the premier locations and one of the best-run, family-owned businesses since 1940. The Morris Rose business started as a one-stall garage with just Morris and his wife, Rose, as the bookkeeper. In 1943, they bought a depressed motorcycle and auto salvage yard.

Over the next three decades, Morris Rose continued to expand his business. Larry, Morris’ son started in the business in 1956. After that came Larry’s sons, Brad and Mark in 1970. This is one great, generational family who believes in what recyclers do. Brad and Mark are two of the most generous and kind people that would help anyone grow their business. Come to their yard and learn how to run a first-class operation. One of the pioneers within the automotive recycling industry, the Morris Rose business is proud to welcome their 4th generation to the business as it moves toward the future. We are very proud to have them as part of the recycling industry.

At this event, you will see lots of Automotive Recyclers of Michigan people and lots of URG people including Don Porter, Chief Executive Officer of URG along with lots of large locations, all of which are coming to Michigan on May 20th ­— 21st, 2022.

If you want to improve your bottom line and grow your business, this will be a MUST DO event. Come ONE! Come ALL! I’ll see you at the Automotive Recyclers of Michigan’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. You’ll be glad you did!

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