Customer Focused, People Powered, Innovation Minded, and Market Driven

Our Founder Ted Eckstein knew he had something special in 1972. Ted was always an automotive enthusiast, and in the early 60’s, he started a small scrap company. 

One day, a friend of Ted’s told him that he could use some Starters and Generators for rebuilding purposes. That was the beginning of the transition from buying just for the Scrap metals to buying for Remanufacturing. Ted attended trade shows and learned about the industry. Rebuilders throughout the US were transitioning from small rebuilding/repair shops to Production Remanufacturing facilities. In addition, Remanufacturing was developing new product lines such as Import Rack and Pinion, ECMS, Import Calipers, etc. Talk about timing; just as RAS was becoming a truly defined core supplier, the industry was growing in leaps and bounds.  

With the history of automotive recycling and remanufacturing as a backdrop, we think it best to talk about the grit, perseverance, and dogged determination to continually strive for excellence, innovation, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. At RAS, we believe that our customers and employees are centered equally as the foundation of a business with three divisions: Cores, Catalytic Converters, and Recalls. Without our dedicated team of RAS employees, we would not be able to give our customers the attention they need, deserve, and expect. 

The Automotive Core business relies on recovering used parts from a vast network of auto recycling and dismantling facilities in the US & Canada. Once fully cataloged, these auto parts are ready for sale to Remanufacturers and Refiners worldwide. RAS was the pioneer of computerized search and tracking for automotive cores. In 2022, most incoming orders will be pre-invoiced and shipped to our primary facility in Rhode Island. Our secondary site in Tampa, Florida, is a buy location for our southern customers and a clearinghouse for all air conditioning cores. 

Our Catalytic Converter division has grown in volume, capacity, technology and talent. With additional investments in capital equipment, RAS stands amongst the largest Converter collectors in North America providing an array of service levels for our loyal customers. Our Recall Division has been instrumental in the GM Ignition and Takata Airbag Recalls. Our commitment to the driving public in removing these lethal products from the marketplace stands as a tribute to the standards set by our Founder Ted Eckstein.

With a combined 300,000 sq ft of working area, RAS processes over 2 million cores, 2+ million pounds of catalyst, and over 100,000 Recalled parts a year. RAS is no longer simply a core company, but a logistics company focused on cores, converters, and recalls. Our customers rely on our quick pickup, processing, and payment to be profitable in their business. Our logistics capacity has become a top strategic asset. It’s hard to imagine that back in 1972, most of our orders were transported to a small facility in Cranston, RI, in the back of a pickup truck.

With our business systems sensitive to the marketplace’s volatility, we are laser-focused on providing top-of-market pricing for our supplying customers and best of volume pricing for our purchasing remanufacturers. The ownership and Executive Team of RAS have skillfully led the company through growth spurts, challenging competitive markets, and difficult national crises. Above all else, the company has never pulled back or turned away from a significant investment in our human and physical resources. Visitors to RAS are often stunned to see the cleanliness and organization of our physical plant. We put our customers first by providing an outstanding environment for our talented staff.

 Our Executive Team, led by President Bob Grady, Vice President Steve King, and CEO Jesse Whiteside, is at the forefront of the ongoing story of RAS. Our dedicated team of RAS employees, many of whom you will never see, stand ready to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction with every order. Join us in celebrating 50 Years of Service. We appreciate and celebrate our friends and business associates in the automotive industry!

Pauly D is not only the “Recall Guy” for Takata Airbags but has now morphed into the “Core Hunter” helping Recyclers maximize Core Profits by reducing deductions. Contact or 401-458-9080.