It Makes No Never Mind

I found the phrase “It Makes No Never Mind” in an article printed in “Discover MAINE,” a monthly magazine highlighting the Midcoast Region of the state we lovingly refer to as Vacationland. While not the official state motto, Maine is called Vacationland due to its natural beauty that has lured vacationers for decades as a place where visitors can find endless places and things to do . . .in all seasons.

What? Never been to Maine? You have no idea what you’ve missed. Sandy beaches, frigid ocean temperatures, lobster shacks, rocky coastline, mountainous trails, acres of natural forest, unique town names (Poland, China, Paris), massive lakes, strange accents, lighthouses, Moose, and a state big enough to stretch from New Hampshire and Massachusetts to Canada. Yea, it’s that big! Approximately 6-7 hours from Kittery to Caribou! If you vacation here, you must adopt an ‘It makes no never mind” state of mind to truly enjoy it all.

Bill Bell, the Executive Director of the Maine Recyclers Association, invited me to their Annual Meeting on May 26. I gladly accepted the invitation and made plans to visit recyclers on the way up and back from the meeting. I stopped at J&J, Daney’s, Cumberland Salvage, Lashin’s, M&P, Randy’s, Paul’s Pick a Part, and Aable Auto Parts. Exhausting, but worth it! Harry Hall, Owner of Hall’s Garage and President of ARARI, joined me on the trip. The Recyclers meeting was awesome, with topics discussed including the recently passed Catalytic Converter bill, updates from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), metals market update, and a few words on NEXPO and QC for Cores by yours truly. This was the first meeting held since the pandemic, and we had full attendance with approximately 50 people. There was a lot of catching up, and it was great being in the company of so many hardworking recyclers.

“It makes no, never mind” is a phrase that captures the spirit of Summer where one puts aside their work hat and adopts a more casual mental state, where you could sway one way or another on any given subject, topic, or activity. When presented with several options of activity, you might say, “It makes no, never mind what you do, I am laying in this hammock for the next couple of hours.”

As Recyclers, it is difficult to turn off “the business.” Many operations are still open six days a week. We must remember that stepping away from the day-to-day activities is good for the body and soul, essential for your employees and families, and a great time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

While I tend to be a high energy person with lots of questions and lots to talk about, Harry and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Cindy’s Dockside in Poland (yes, that’s a town in Maine), and Friday, I managed to get to the coast in Freeport for my beloved “Lobsta Roll.” Life is good!

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