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“CANI” is a phrase that I hope all my regular readers remember. It’s been over 28 years since I wrote my first article for the Recyclers Power Source magazine. The magazine went to press in 1993, and I started writing articles for the Power Source in 1994. Many years ago, I wrote an article about a talk that I presented at the ARA Convention, titled “CANI”. If you’ve never heard that phrase before, here’s what it means. CANI stands for “Constant and Never-ending Improvement.” In that ARA class, along with many other associations, I’ve had entire groups
shout, “CANI”.

Recently, my dear friend, Shannon Nordstrom of Nordstrom Automotive from Garretson, South Dakota, was just nominated to become Secretary of the ARA. As every knows, Shannon will be a great addition to the Association as a member of the Executive Committee. He will be confirmed as Secretary at the ARA Annual Convention, September 22nd-24th in Orlando. Things are especially good at Nordstrom’s because of CANI and their quest to make things better.

At Nordstrom Automotive, the training center is named, “CANI” and the wall is graced with large letters that you can’t miss, spelling “CANI”. The Nordstrom business is like Car-Part.com in my book with their constant and never-ending improvements. I’m so proud of Shannon and his automotive business because I have watched him grow to be one of the finest leaders in this industry. Shannon is like a son that I never had. He is a wonderful Dad to three, a terrific husband to Tamie and proud son of Art and Marie. As a great man of faith that Shannon is, I am proud to call him a true friend. I know Shannon every well, but I also know so many of you personally.

Ponder on this question a moment. When was the last time that you looked closely at Car-part.com? I ask because I was asked that very question this week. How did Car-part Pro get into so many places to sell parts? Well, that’s easy. It is who you know. Every time I see the TV ad on Carshield, I automatically think Car-part because Carshield buys their parts from Car-part Pro. Same goes for AMAZON. Whenever you see an AMAZON van or truck, they use Car-part Pro. The largest leasing companies in the world use Car-part Pro. Are you currently listed with Car-part Pro? If not, then you should be.

I’m a speaker and have been writing for this industry a very long time. I just want my friends to know that Car-part increases your sales to professional repairers and appraisers by showcasing your recycled parts in a way that is most attractive to these types of buyers. Integrated Car-part Pro (IPRO) provides integration with major estimating systems for a fully integrated workflow. That’s a huge benefit to those that use their system because it makes estimating more accurate and much faster. In September, you have an opportunity to talk with the team at Car-part. It’s my hope that you’ll be there in Orlando on September 22nd-24th for the ARA Annual Convention and not forget to stop by the Car-part booth and see for yourself what is new at Car-part.com.

You will be pleasantly surprised at all the new programs and services they have to offer. It’s my prediction that many of you will see what they’re doing now and take advantage of it. Car-part is a CANI company that believes in constant and never-ending Improvements. They’re innovative and are always looking to improve what can be done to help auto recyclers in the USA and throughout the world. I’ve found that to be true when I spoke in England, as well as Europe and Canada. Fellow recyclers there wanted to know more about Car-part.com.

When you go by the Car-part booth at the convention, tell them you read this article about CANI and if you don’t want to wait, call your local representative now at (859) 344-1925 and speak with a Car-part Pro expert. I will remind all of you that Car-part.com has been around a long time. As an added benefit, you can take advantage of their FREE webinars all month long on their website. I believe in Roger and Jeff Schroder and the whole team at Car-part.com and thank them for all they do for state associations and every recycler within this industry.

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