Quality Control For Cores – A United Front “Core Companies Coming Together to Increase Profits for Recyclers

My goal for 2022 was to hit the road and participate in State, Regional, and National Conventions and Trade Shows to promote the concept of QC for Cores and Converters. What started as a simple campaign is now a traveling road show for Core related companies. It has been a pleasure to share the stage with Theresa from Checkmate/Car-Part, Jared from G-Core, Mark from Max Cores, Cliff from PMR, Jason from UCC, and others.

Our objective is to improve core profits for recyclers. In the process, we are shaking off some of the Old-School thinking surrounding cores. Cores are not junk; Cores are Valuable Merchandise!

Focus On QC for Cores
As a result of a QC Core Audit in 2021 for a large multi-site operation, I boiled down the primary issues with their cores to 7 focus areas: aftermarket parts that can’t be remanufactured, parts with pulleys that didn’t turn, incorrect part #’s, illegible part #’s, broken housings, excessive rust or burnt parts, and poor packaging. I then branded them as the 7 Deadly Sins of Cores and decided to take it on the road.

I am NOT a Core Expert, but a Recycler working at a Core Company. This has advantages because I have become the recycler’s “Inside Guy.” The real Core Experts are folks who work for competitive companies. The key is that we all share a united desire to help recyclers produce a high grade of quality cores.

Core Companies as a United Front
Auto Recyclers are fortunate to have such a wealth of expertise and experience amongst the ranks of our vendors. Their experience and insight on quality control for cores are a benefit to recyclers and a boost to their bottom line. It is important to note that our companies and other recycler-related vendors support the industry. We ask all Recyclers to join their State Associations and ARA to keep our industry thriving.

It’s All About Change
Much of this comes down to one dirty little word: CHANGE. Many recyclers still harbor “old school” ideas about cores. Throw parts in a box, send it in, and expect a top-dollar return. AIR HORN SOUND!! We need top-quality core suppliers that allow remanufacturers to keep the automotive ecosystem in good health and supply customers with a choice in the marketplace. We do NOT want a proliferation of cheap aftermarket knockoffs flooding the market.

Future Dates: QC for Cores (Seven Deadly Sins of Cores)
Take advantage of the next series of Conventions and Trade Shows where we will be talking about QC for Cores: TARA (Texas) August 5 & 6, Tri-State (Indianapolis) August 26 & 27, AARDA (Alberta) September 17, ARA (Orlando) September 23 & 24, ARAAC (Nova Scotia) September 30 & October 1, and ARNE (New York) November 11 & 12.

Questions on QC for Cores? Contact Paul at pdadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.

Pauly D is not only the “Recall Guy” for Takata Airbags but has now morphed into the “Core Hunter” helping Recyclers maximize Core Profits by reducing deductions. Contact pauldadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.