I met A Man Named T-Bone — “The Ultimate Core Hunter”

Having been in the industry for 32 years, I have been blessed with many long-term friendships. It’s crazy how some of these relationships began. I’m going to tell you about a gentleman I met this weekend while on a trip to Indianapolis for the Tri-State Summit and Expo. While I only visit Indianapolis once a year, I am confident that my new friendship with T-Bone will be long-lasting. This goes beyond the vendor-to-customer relationship; this is more of a “man-to-man” friendship, where frankness, honesty, and a genuine concern for each other exist.

T-Bone works at Pull-A-Part of Indianapolis, one of PAP’s 25 Self-Service Yards. I can’t say I have met another Auto Core Tech with the drive, organization, attention to detail, loyalty, and dedication to his craft. I must give kudos to Eric, who transitioned T-Bone into the role of Core Hunter, which encompasses removing Takata airbag recalls and valuable auto cores. He is currently averaging $28/Core with a 95% paid rate on his last three invoices. That is off the charts. This man is dedicated to his craft!

Pack Like A Pro
While we were reviewing core removal processes in the field, he surprised me when he started talking about “Packing Like a Pro,” as I created the infographic he was referring to. To my delight, he proceeded to describe what that means in great detail.

You might notice from the picture that there is a pallet on top of the core box. You might miss the metal strapping attaching the pallet to the box. When T-Bone is off for a couple of days, he bands a pallet to the top of the gaylord box so no one messes with his Cores. Who does that?? T-Bone does!

One last thing, he told me that he rotates the pitman arms on gearboxes to align them with the part so he can pack them more neatly in the box. Who is this Guy?

T-Bone Walks the Walk
In other words, this man not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. In a private moment, he shared with me some struggles in his life. But this man is a man of faith, and he told me how he improved his life through hard work, with faith that he wasn’t walking the path alone. He now boasts that he was called to be the Core Hunter at Pull-A-Part Indianapolis. T-Bone’s enthusiasm and aura are contagious.

This was the second visit I have made to this site. I will now call my trips to PAP-INDY a pilgrimage as I have witnessed an incredible staff managed by a man who shows his folks that it is all about working for the common good that brings them success. That Manager is Brian Smith, who is a gentle giant. He manages with a servant style of leadership. He will give you the necessary authority that goes along with the responsibility, but he will also hold you accountable for your actions. His right-hand man Steven is clearly drinking the Kool-Aid as he also has the best interests of his people. The only thing he needs is an upgraded monitor for his computer and the RAS website. That’s a bit of an inside joke that is now public.

There was a lot to celebrate last week since PAP-INDY won its 7th Indiana Clean Yard Award from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), no small accomplishment. I brought pizzas for the Team and once again was in awe of their dedication to PAP, building a profitable Auto Core business, and commitment to each other.

If you have a T-Bone on your Team, please contact me at pdadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.

Pauly D is not only the “Recall Guy” for Takata Airbags but has now morphed into the “Core Hunter” helping Recyclers maximize Core Profits by reducing deductions. Contact pauldadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.