Your Podcast Is Growing

We are proud to announce that the URG on the Go podcast keeps growing every week.  No doubt, the good information in each episode keeps our listeners coming back for more week after week. If you’re one of these listeners, thank you for spending your valuable time with us.

If you log on, you’ll hear from Paul D’Adamo from Rebuilders Automotive Supply.  Pauly D has been on a few times, and on each episode, he brings a new perspective to this great industry. We have some guests who are favorites and considered most listened to, and those are saved and archived in the system allowing you and others to review it multiple times. Some of those episodes were done with guests, like Mike Kunkel and Rob Rainwater, from Profit Team Consulting. All three, Mike, Rob and Pauly D always bring helpful information which applies to both full-service, late model recyclers, who work in the wholesale markets or as self-service recyclers.

If you will allow me, here’s why it’s been successful. It’s not been because of me that it’s grown. It’s grown because of two ladies, Amanda Morrison and Kristen Alexander who are customer relations specialists at URG. True story!  Here’s why. Once a month, we have Amanda and Kristen on an episode who then give new benefits of URG. They announce any new members and really lay out how to improve your bottom line by following the secrets other recyclers share with them, who then in turn, share that information and successes with us. Sharing this kind of information has really helped us grow.

Here’s a list of names of some people that have been on a podcast. As you recognize their names, you’ll also know that some of them have appeared on multiple podcasts:  J.C. Cahill from Vinmatch Pro, Mike Lambert from Buddy Automotive, George Avery from NABC, Brian Riker (“Your DOTGUY”), Tim Wall, Bo Wroten, and Brian Collins from Commercial Forms. Obviously, I can’t list all the people who have appeared in at least one URG, “On-the Go” podcast because we would quickly run out of room to list everyone, and there are lots of other recyclers you should be listening to as well. Please Listen, LIKE, Review and SHARE everywhere. We have a dedicated hot line at 706-409-5603 so you can share your ideas and make requests of whom you want to hear.

If your state association has some news that you want lots of listeners to hear within the industry, call and leave your message. If there are people that you want to hear showcased on this podcast but haven’t been, let us know.  We are available on Spotify, i-Tunes, Pandora, Google Play Stitcher, i-Heart media, Amazon, or wherever you get your podcasts. Little by little, we are becoming “The Voice of the Industry.” This podcast is a podcast you and your family can listen to in the car or truck. Profanity and ugly words are prohibited, so a younger member of your family can be listening along with you and not be surprised by a certain word that may cause for concern. This podcast is strictly family friendly.

I am proud to be the host for now. However, we are looking for someone to step up and start being a co-host so that by the first quarter of next year, I could be a guest now and then. By not doing a weekly podcast, it’s time for the old man to retire.  Please listen and thanks for the memories.

Look for URG on the GO on your favorite podcast platform!

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