I Need Your Prayers

First, I promise if you’ll help me now that I will write about recycling topics that are specific to the Power Source readers.  For now, these two precious people have been heavy on my heart for over a month. My neighbors, Kelly and her daughter, Madison were struck by a car in a hit and run accident in Philadelphia. It happened the day after they watched the Atlanta Braves lose to the Phillies in late September. 

Kelly and Madison had been trying to cross a busy road to get to a sandwich shop before heading to another Braves game. The first car waved them on, but the second car didn’t stop.  When Kelly saw the danger, she pushed her 9-year-old daughter to the side. In doing so, Kelly was struck by the second car. The driver exited the scene, leaving his wife and child inside the car that came to a stop inside a vacant store front. This man will face no charges. Madison’s right leg was fractured in several places and eventually needed a pin surgically inserted for better healing. We are praying that Madison will be able to walk and run without any problem.  Kelly on the other hand suffered life-threatening injuries.  If it had not been for two doctors waiting in line for their sandwich orders, Kelly surely would have died on the spot.  . 

After arriving at the hospital, the doctors went to work on Kelly’s brain bleed and eventually inserted a permanent fluid draining shunt. Time has allowed other numerous cuts and lacerations to heal nicely, and it’s been over a month since Kelly was put into a coma in ICU but she’s off that medication now. We’ve been told that it still might be weeks before Kelly wakes or is well enough to travel to Georgia. Madison is presently being cared for by her dad and stepmother. Now that these details are revealed, you know better how to pray for Kelly and Madison.  

I say all of this to let you know we covet prayers for this family. Neither Kelly nor her family need your financial support because they are financially set. Part of the trip they were on in Philadelphia was to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and had planned a second Braves game at the end of that day, which they never got to see.  

Kelly’s mom and dad told us last Friday night that there are people praying for them as far away as Nicaragua and Sri-Lanka, and they can feel all the prayers. How can you help?

Since I write articles for four separate magazines every month that goes to over 100,000+ readers and subscribers, wouldn’t it be nice if some of us could also lift up Kelly and Madison and their family to God? If only 10% of us lifted them up in prayer, that would be over 10,000 prayers. A simple prayer could be, “Heavenly Father, giver of life and health, comfort and relieve your hurting servants, Kelly, and Madison, and cover them with your healing power.  Station encouraging believers to minister to their emotional needs and give them peace during this time so Kelly can heal enough to return to Georgia.”  

If you’ve been reading my articles each month, you know that I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross.  I hope you will take a minute to say a prayer for them. Just text or call me at 770-301-4122 to get on my prayer list and let me know that you’re going to pray for Kelly and Madison.  

Kelly’s healing has been good over this past month. We’ve been told that this will be a long, healing process for Kelly and could also be for Madison. In the end, I bet Kelly will say it was worth going through all of this to save Madison’s life. I bet our Lord said the same thing to HIS Father after HE returned from dying on the cross for all of us. Thank you, Jesus!

If you’ll commit to pray for Kelly and Madison, I’ll keep you posted with updates.  My wife and her prayer warriors will also pray for your needs. I believe in prayer because prayer changes, providence provides, and perseverance accomplishes.  

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