Is Your GPS Working?

Surprise, a New Year is here AGAIN! The years go by quickly, and sometimes we need to reroute ourselves so we’re ready for what’s up ahead. Recently, my wife reminded me that I needed to write an article on “A New Year, a New You” which would center around reinventing oneself in 2023. As maybe with you too, it will take me some time to remember writing 2023 on checks, but my wife says that it probably won’t affect her at all because she rarely writes any checks.

When talking with anyone whether inside our industry or not, I tend to use one of my favorite phrases, “I served at the Last Supper”. Most of the time, I get a chuckled response. I bet I’ve used it thousands of times over the last 40 plus years that I’ve been a recycling consultant. As I look back on those years, I can remember a couple of the first recycling centers I visited were Wellers in Michigan and Nordstroms in South Dakota.

Back then, years prior to GPS, I had my trusty, dog-eared, Rand McNally map book. When I drove in my car, the map book was huge, bulky and took up lots of space on my front passenger seat. Before I finally put it in the trash, I reviewed all the marks and notes along the edges and chuckled at myself, “Those were some good times”. After navigation systems became available to the public, my wife and daughter bought me a Tom-Tom device for Father’s Day. They were very proud of their purchase and couldn’t wait for me to say it was easier getting to any location. Later, I graduated to a Garmin.

Now, 20 years later, you’ll find me using my iPhone with its built-in MAPS navigation system that allows me to get to any location without a problem. It tells me how long I need to stay on this highway or street and when I need to make a turn. The route choice is either fast or slow travel time. GPS technology knows where you are so internet connectivity isn’t needed. Speaking of GPS, set your GPS for April 27-29th to be in Orlando, Florida for the URG Training Conference at the Hyatt Regency, Grand Cypress.

Most of us have a smart phone and probably can’t live without it either. When you use your smart phone to make or receive phone calls, you’re utilizing an internal GPS with embedded location services that is actively receiving signals from orbiting satellites or cell towers. All that’s required to make your smart phone function properly is a clear view of the sky. So, let’s take a briefly consider what’s up the road for you and your business.

At some point you’ve heard your GPS say, “Rerouting.” What that means is we need to make a change. I think some of us within automotive recycling should be listening to “rerouting” signals and take notice to apply rerouting directions for ourselves and our businesses for the New Year. Stop doing it the “old way” and look for a more profitable way of doing business.

Take a few minutes to listen to the URG “On-the-Go” podcast, especially the one with Paul D’Adamo, “The Core Hunter” from RAS. On that podcast, we discussed Inventory as the “gift that keeps on giving.” A huge take away from that podcast was, CASHOUT + NO PARTS SALES = LOST REVENUE.  It was a stellar podcast and was loaded with step-by-step information, solutions, and a process that you will need to reroute your business in the New Year.

I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas, a very Happy Hanukkah or a wonderful time celebrating Kwanzaa and shared it with your loved ones. This being the New Year of 2023, from the bottom of my heart, I wish all of you a year filled with love, laughter, peace, and prosperity. It is time to forget the past and reroute your direction so you can celebrate a new start. Have a Happy New Year, and I hope all your endeavors in 2023 are successful.

Before I end this article, all of you who are praying for my neighbors, Kelly, and Madison, they are both doing better. Since Kelly was air-flighted couple weeks ago to Shepherds Center in Atlanta, she has received wonderful care and is making some small but encouraging progress. They really mean business at Shepherd’s Center. Even though it’s not as quick as we had hoped, everything is done in God’s timing. Thanks for your continued prayers for Kelly and Madison.

I will see you April 27th – 29th in Orlando, Florida for the URG Training Conference and the URG “On-the-Go” Podcast.

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