Rob Rainwater, Paul D’Adamo, & Ryan Falco

Now that I have your attention, you know several people who will be speaking at the URG Annual Training Conference. These men want to help other recyclers. As good as they are, they’re not alone either.  Joining this crew is none other than Dalan Zartman, an electric vehicle trainer that is known world-wide. It would be a shame if you didn’t bring as many of your team on Saturday to hear him. Dalan was a guest on one of our URG On-The-Go podcasts last November after having facilitated the EV training for the World Cup in Qatar.  

While in Qatar, Dalan trained all the employees for 5 days for the World Cup because they had bought 400 electric buses. They needed the best and wanted to hear from the best. If you attend his segment, Dalan will help you understand the EV market. His firm is very large and it will surprise you how much you will learn from him about EVs, such as: NO FIRE starts in your yard after you’ve stored batteries from electric vehicles on your property. You’ll learn the proper way to store or dispose of them.  Here’s another person you can learn from.

A prestigious but down-to-earth speaker, it’s the one and only keynote speaker, Rocky Bleier. Yes, a former professional American football player and a veteran of the United States Army, this 5-time Super Bowl winner started with Notre Dame and went to Vietnam to fight for our country. You’ll hear how Rocky got shot, walked on crutches for two years and sat on the sidelines. His story is enlightening and one you won’t want to miss. He’s a great man and a wonderful American. After hearing him speak, Rocky will be glad to sign any memorabilia from Notre Dame or Pittsburg Steelers. So, feel free to bring those with you.  Next month I will profile more upcoming URG conference speakers, such as: Mike Kunkel, Mike Lambert, and Bill Stevens.

“The DOT Guy,” Brian Riker will be in Orlando too. You won’t want to miss hearing him. You might be wondering why so many people take the time to attend the URG Conference every year. Some come to support the URG Scholarship Foundation by playing golf on Thursday, buying a flag or a T Box sign or donating an item for the auction which happens on Friday night. Go to the website at and see items like what Car-part has already donated to the auction. Some people come for the NABC presentation of a refurbished vehicle to a deserving family. Others are coming from Austria, and all throughout Europe.  Yes, most everyone knows Chris Daglis from Auto Partnered Solutions. Chris will bring lots of people from outside the United States with him to this event.  

Big expectations are in the air! This will be the largest attendance for URG Conference so far in Orlando, Florida at the Hyatt Grand Cypress.  Being held April 27th – 29th, the Conference theme says it all.  “Limitless Horizons.” If you want to grow your people and improve your bottom line, you will plan now to be at the URG Conference.  From this warm and sunny Orlando setting, you will see and hear from the best of the best recyclers in those halls. And, without a doubt, you will hear from the best fellow recyclers in the world. At each and every event, you’ll have the opportunity to share a meal or a drink with them, whether in the halls, on the golf course or at the auction. Want to know how I can say that? URG was created by RECYCLERS FOR RECYCLERS.  

Wait until you see whose singing “God Bless America” on Friday morning in the Main Ball Room. So, you don’t miss one note of this song, arrive early. What a treat to hear this guest singer.

If you want more information on the exhibiting or donating an item for the auction, call Jennifer McPherson at 512-677-6202.  This is the most educational information to be packed into three days for Recyclers. Let’s hear and apply the best information from recyclers for our competitive market. I will see you in Orlando, April 27th – 29th. Don’t forget, take the time to listen to the fastest growing podcast, “URG On-the-Go”.

See you next month with more details about the upcoming URG Training Conference.