Is It Okay To Make A Profit On Earth Day?

Doing the right thing is not mutually exclusive from making a profit.

Several events are coming up that remind us of our obligation to improve the quality of life and reduce the impacts of modernization and industrialization on our planet: REMAN Day (Friday, April 14), Earth Day (Saturday, April 22), and World Environment Day (Monday, June 5).

As a business community, profit factors high in the ability to run your business at peak performance. Our work on End of Life Vehicles is but one step in the circular nature of our product. From our hands, parts are sold for re-use, and drained fluids heat our buildings and run our company vehicles. Cores are dismantled and sent to the REMAN stream to extend their life as viable products. By removing these parts and by-products, we effectively reduce the vehicle’s content to enter the next stage of recycling, which includes shredding, sorting, refining, and smelting the hulks that will ultimately be introduced into the marketplace as
new products.

Attending my first ISRI Convention last year, I was astounded by the commitment to recycling, not just automobiles but electronics, glass, paper, plastic, textiles, tires, and rubber. Make no mistake; the industry survives because of the profit potential. In this humble author’s opinion, the grunt work of the recycling industry is borne by those who seek profit in turning our waste into reusable material, whatever that might be.

I appreciate those who crusade for the environment; we should all keep our planet in mind. Still, it shouldn’t be to the detriment of those in the industry providing jobs and keeping waste from piling up in our towns and cities. Everyone is responsible for understanding and acting on issues like climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution.

Did You Know? The aerospace and automotive sectors are the two top industries for remanufacturing. REMAN DAY was created to recognize the industrial practice of returning a product to at least its original performance, where the life cycle of products is extended. Remember that many products being dismantled from our vehicles never make it into the REMAN stream. With the profit potential in mind, it might be time to re-evaluate the cores you removed today versus the cores you removed in the past. Old-school thinking is preventing many auto-recycling operations from maximizing this profit stream.

Our Challenge for 2023:

  • Incorporate a “Circular Economy” mentality into our mission and principles; business and personal.
  • Seek out ways to extract additional value from your vehicles before sending it to the next step.
  • Make a profit to enhance your “recycling” business reputation and extend its operation to the next generation.

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