We Also Have Scholarships

When was the last time you told an applicant or a team member that was thinking of going somewhere else to work, “WE ALSO HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS.”  These past two months, I have been making phone calls to remind URG members about the URG Scholarship Foundation and asking owners of companies to send out an email to all employees to let them know there is money being given for URG Scholarships. Please hear me when I say, “There’s a ton of ARA Scholarships being given away and lots of State associations are doing the same.”

The URG Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2014 in honor of those special individuals who have given their “3 T’s: Time, Talent and Treasures” to ensure the growth and success of the automotive recycling industry would continue.

Every year, URG and ARA offer substantial financial scholarships to auto recycling employees that are attending a 4-year college or technical/vocational trade school to assist with their educational costs.  As time progresses and costs continue to rise, it’s becoming harder each year for students to get the needed money to go back to college or attend a trade school. When my older brother was looking at attending college, he was blessed with 81 scholarships. Not everyone is blessed to have that many schools offer financial assistance.  What we do is different.  We ask people within our industry to help other people within our industry. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a 4-year school or a vocational school!

So, next time you are in front of a prospective new employee and cover the benefits of working with your company, don’t forget to mention one of the HUGE BENEFITS of WORKING in THIS INDUSTRY.  Yes, “WE ALSO HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS.”  Let them know if they have a family member that is seeking higher education in any field, the industry is here to help.  Additionally, if you are a member of URG, and submitted your application in January for the following fall semester, it’s okay.  Cut-off date was April 14, 2023.  In the case of URG, the award winners are announced at the Annual Training Conference which we just had in Orlando, Florida on April 27th- 29th.

If you want to learn more about the ARA Scholarship Foundation, or donate to the fund, email Kelly@ a-r-a.org. If you would like to create a named scholarship, like the one we all know, my friend, Bo Wroten Honorary Scholarship, let Kelly know. There are over 60 other well-known people who have already created a scholarship in their name to help fellow recyclers.

While on the URG website, click the review section of past recipients which will include testimonial videos of some THANKING YOU for their $4,000 scholarship and sharing some of the great things they are now doing due to generosity of recyclers like you.  URG has one of the kindest people in the world, Jennifer McPherson.  For her help, you can email Jennifer at jmcpherson@u-r-g.com or call her at 512-677-6202.  Jennifer knows all about the scholarships.

Another important thing to do.  Please look at becoming an Ambassador for the URG Scholarship Foundation.  Your commitment is only $11 a month or $132 per year.  Here’s how this works.  Each month, $11 is drafted from your bank or a Visa card.  This money will help relieve some students that worry about how to pay for their education.  We have lots of parents of recipients that have become Ambassadors.  It’s my privilege to thank all the generous recyclers that have donated to the URG and ARA Scholarship Foundation and to all who give to their state association scholarship programs.  I know that FADRA, the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association gives away (3) $1,000 Scholarships and lots of other associations do the same in their states. They all have one thing in common, just be a member of FADRA, ARA, or URG and apply for a scholarship.

To me, a Scholarship isn’t a “hand-out” but a “hand-up” to a son or daughter or a grandson or granddaughter.  Remember, a scholarship to URG, ARA or a state association is an employee benefit. So, don’t forget to say, “WE ALSO HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS”.  This is an important employee benefit when you’re hiring a new person.

See you next time or see you on the next URG, “On-the-Go” podcast.   


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