Independence Day

With the 4th of July just passing and with Independence being on my mind, it got me to thinking…Are the days of being independent numbered? If you look at all of the news lately, there has been a lot of interest in our industry and a lot of consolidation. More and more Auto Recyclers are … Read more

Catalytic Converter Recycling: Your Top 5 Questions Answered!

1. Why Should we Recycle Catalytic Converters? A catalytic converter is an essential component installed in a vehicle’s exhaust system designed to reduce harmful emissions from the inner workings of your vehicle. Each catalytic converter contains precious metals that can be recycled and reused, like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Recycling catalytic converters is vital because … Read more

What Are Diesel Oxidation Catalysts?

Everyone is interested in the distinctions between the various types of catalytic converters. This is because catalytic converters are incredibly valuable scrap components, which generates extra revenue for the automotive industry. All original equipment manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converters from gasoline-powered vehicles can be sold for a good price, but many people are unsure whether diesel converters … Read more

The Lasso Way “Be Curious, Not Judgemental”

As I just finished the 3rd and final season of Ted Lasso, a show about soccer, sorry, a show about football (no, not that football), I am really blown away by a show about football that isn’t really even about football. It is a show about motivation, believing in yourself, learning about yourself, inclusion, respect, … Read more

You Are Invited

These past few weeks, OARA, ISRI, and URG have been a whirlwind of acronyms. People often ask me if I tire of traveling the auto recycling trade show circuit. My answer: NO. Having come from the Tech world before I fell into the Auto Recycling Industry, developing relationships has been one of the great joys … Read more

Balancing KYC Requirements For Converter Recycling

Catalytic converter thefts have become a recurring issue, prompting local, state, and federal governments to tackle the problem. However, for recyclers in the converter industry, the challenges are mounting with each passing day. The buzzword that has emerged amidst these difficulties is “compliance.” For companies with a national client base, they must ensure that they … Read more

This Might Be My First And Last Converter Article

Musings on Converters, Inventory, and Money I’m a buy it now, sell it now kind of guy. When it came to crushed auto hulks, converters, aluminum wheels, cores, and any other commodity, we never had the money or space to hold material and play the market waiting for prices to rise again, nor did I … Read more

How Can Lead Affect Recyclers?

Lead is a naturally occurring, bluish-gray metallic element.  It is reported that the amount of lead in the environment today is over 100 times greater than in prehistoric times.  Humans have extracted lead from the Earth’s crust for thousands of years and for countless anthropogenic applications increasing the amount of lead in the surficial environment.  … Read more

Why Are You The Only One Here?

Last year at the ARA convention, I was speaking to a class and found out that these words: “Why are you the only one here?” made a big impression on one of my yard owner friends. I am telling you this story with his permission. Last month, out of the blue, I get a call … Read more

Is It Okay To Make A Profit On Earth Day?

Doing the right thing is not mutually exclusive from making a profit. Several events are coming up that remind us of our obligation to improve the quality of life and reduce the impacts of modernization and industrialization on our planet: REMAN Day (Friday, April 14), Earth Day (Saturday, April 22), and World Environment Day (Monday, … Read more

We Also Have Scholarships

When was the last time you told an applicant or a team member that was thinking of going somewhere else to work, “WE ALSO HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS.”  These past two months, I have been making phone calls to remind URG members about the URG Scholarship Foundation and asking owners of companies to send out an email … Read more

See You At URG!

I’ll see you at URG, or should I say, you’ll be sorely missed if you fail to attend the biggest Automotive Recycling Industry Conference, known to many as URG. This conference will be the largest turn out in URG history. There are reasons why. It’s about new acquisitions. How big is Incline Equity Partners? When … Read more

EV Battery Reuse And Recycling NAATBATT 2023

New Vehicles, Technology, Data, and Personally Identifiable Information: The Challenges of What’s Left in Salvage Vehicles and How Can We Protect Ourselves as Well as Previous Owners? Sandy, Scott Robertson, Shan Latham, Nick Daurio, Eric Wilbert, Shannon Nordstrom, and myself recently attended the NAATBATT conference on Feb 21st-24th,in Phoenix. For Sandy, Scott, and myself, this … Read more

The World Of Precious Metals: Q1. And Beyond

This past week over two hundred members of a worldwide organization representing every aspect of the precious metals supply chain, from mining and refining to fabrication, recycling, and investment met in Orlando, Florida. The International Precious Metals Institute promotes excellence through education, research, and networking opportunities that drive innovation and advance sustainable practices. The group … Read more

Core Is Not A Four Letter Word

There is no question that COVID has reshaped the labor pool in some not-so-business-friendly ways. Attracting and retaining qualified employees has become Job #1 for many recyclers, taking precious time away from acquiring quality vehicle inventory and running the business at peak efficiency. Somehow, through this timeframe, some recyclers have seen “cores” as an extra … Read more

Clear And Present Danger

New Vehicles, Technology, Data, and Personally Identifiable Information: The Challenges of What’s Left in Salvage Vehicles and How Can We Protect Ourselves as Well as Previous Owners? Vehicles are now all connected and store our personally identifiable information, (PII). This can be anything and everything. From storing your contacts, passwords, your shopping, where you have … Read more

Rob Rainwater, Paul D’Adamo, & Ryan Falco

Now that I have your attention, you know several people who will be speaking at the URG Annual Training Conference. These men want to help other recyclers. As good as they are, they’re not alone either.  Joining this crew is none other than Dalan Zartman, an electric vehicle trainer that is known world-wide. It would … Read more

Limitless Horizons

URG chose Limitless Horizons as the theme for the 2023 URG Educational Conference. Why focus on horizons? My team and I believe you can better set your organization up for success by focusing on the horizons that lie ahead and expanding those horizons to meet future business needs. Most commonly we think of the horizon … Read more

I Hate Cats But I Love The Money

I HATE the cats. I hear this all the time. Or I hear, I wish the cats would just go away. Then I hear, I love the money, don’t get me wrong. I just hate dealing with the core guys, the collectors, the processors. It’s all become too much. I don’t even want to go … Read more

2 Dollars Are Yours If…

That’s right! You read it right. I want to give every reader of the Recyclers Power Source magazine who will pledge to give $11.00 a month to the URG Scholarship Foundation a two-dollar bill. Yes, a two-dollar bill just like the one my dad put inside my new wallet when I was young. Last year, … Read more

Is $15 The New $25? Coping With the Labor Shortage

The Big Trends in Small Business newsletter on LinkedIn touched on a subject that is vexing many entrepreneurs, the labor shortage. The article featured a pair of San Francisco-based family restaurant owners who have had to close their pizzeria from time to time because of labor shortages. Their problems aren’t unique to their industry, they … Read more

Platinum Group Metals 2023 — Economic and Industrial Factors

Which economic and industrial factors affect the price of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), namely platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which subsequently impacts the price of scrap catalytic converters? A Hedge Against Inflation From an investment perspective, precious metals are non-interest-bearing assets. Investors will sometimes add precious metals to their portfolios as a hedge against inflation, … Read more

Environmental and Safety Compliance

I want to talk about the importance of environmental and safety compliance, and its return on investment, as well as the cost and potential liabilities. Let’s start off with the question of what exactly does compliance mean for the Automotive Recycler? For this article, we will talk about two main areas of compliance, the first … Read more

Inventory — The Gift That Keeps On Giving

An employer advertises for an Inventory person, and the job description says, “For this Inventory position, we need someone responsible”. An applicant replies, “I am the right person for this position. In my last inventory job, every time parts were missing or in the wrong place, they said I was responsible”. Many people might argue … Read more

Is Your GPS Working?

Surprise, a New Year is here AGAIN! The years go by quickly, and sometimes we need to reroute ourselves so we’re ready for what’s up ahead. Recently, my wife reminded me that I needed to write an article on “A New Year, a New You” which would center around reinventing oneself in 2023. As maybe … Read more

Changing Of The Guard

As my term as President comes to an end, I would like to share some of my thoughts and talk about what we have accomplished as an Association, (Year in Review). I just want to talk about some of the challenges that we have faced, and how the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has responded to … Read more

Can You Keep All The Balloons In The Air?

Business is complicated today and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Many of my friends say that the reason that I was so successful is because I was so creative, innovative and so willing to try new things. Of me, they have said, “Ron throws 100 things against the wall, and only five of … Read more

I Need Your Prayers

First, I promise if you’ll help me now that I will write about recycling topics that are specific to the Power Source readers.  For now, these two precious people have been heavy on my heart for over a month. My neighbors, Kelly and her daughter, Madison were struck by a car in a hit and … Read more

The Ol’ Bait & Switch

You guys know I like to keep all of you posted on any new and cool information about what’s happening in our industry. But sometimes, I get to tell you about the complaints that I hear from other recyclers! Today I want to talk about a “bait and switch” issue that came up fast. Until … Read more

Shan Lathem Becomes President of Automotive Recyclers Association

MANASSAS, VA – Professional automotive recycler Shan Lathem of Cocoa Auto Salvage in Cocoa, Florida was recently welcomed as the new President of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).  Lathem was formally confirmed as President on September 23, 2022, during the Association’s 79th Annual Convention and Exposition held in Orlando, Florida.  Lathem brings decades of experience … Read more

$500M Seized In Nationwide Catalytic Converter Takedown

Know Your Customer (KYC) more important than ever. Who are you really doing business with? On November 2, the Justice Department took down a nationwide catalytic converter theft ring with forfeiture more than $500 million in assets including homes, bank accounts, cash, and luxury vehicles. The Justice Department News stated, “Federal, state, and local law … Read more

3 Must-Reads For Recyclers

From observations of how our country has declined over past years, I can’t stress enough the importance of reading three books. They need to be read by everyone within the auto recycling and recovery industry as well as all our families. I’ll list the third book first. I don’t think anybody should be allowed to graduate … Read more

pH7 Technologies Inc. Partners With Noble6 

The partnership will provide access to the pH7 non-acid based chemistry solution for the recycling of spent catalysts to North America.  Vancouver, Sep. 15, 2022. pH7 Technologies and Noble6 are pleased to announce they have entered a North American strategic partnership, combining pH7’s leading technologies for the recycling of platinum group metals (PGM) with Noble6’s … Read more

Converter Recycling: An Updated Platinum Group Metals Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

Back in July, we summarized the 2022 outlook for Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) with excerpts from the Johnson Matthey Market Report. The report proved true on many fronts. Business conditions have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Industrial demand for Platinum has remained robust. The war in Ukraine has restricted Palladium supplies. Operational challenges have restricted … Read more

Cores Are A Contact Sport

Recovering Cores – Five Contact Points Let’s go back to the basics of Cores: Identification, Recovery, QC, Packing. To delve further into the recovery of cores, let’s identify the five contact points for optimal core recovery within your existing workflow. Vehicle Inventory – Unlike in the past when your parts puller or dismantler was the … Read more

Treasure or Trash: The Quest For New Hires

Now that things are back to normal, or so they say, let’s take a look at the employment market in this post-pandemic world, as well as what is next. Earlier in the spring, things started getting back to normal, and the biggest thing that we all realized, besides the supply-line issues, is that now we … Read more

Your Podcast Is Growing

We are proud to announce that the URG on the Go podcast keeps growing every week.  No doubt, the good information in each episode keeps our listeners coming back for more week after week. If you’re one of these listeners, thank you for spending your valuable time with us. If you log on, you’ll hear … Read more

The Hidden Value of Performance Pay For Delivery Drivers

Many people have heard of pay by the delivery (delivery stop), but most people do not really understand how it is correctly computed or what the hidden value is. The simple explanation is the rate per delivery or attempted delivery (dry run), times the number of deliveries or attempted deliveries completed is route pay. Route … Read more

Process This

I recently took a trip to the UK to attend the ATF Professional Vehicle Recycling conference in Warwick, UK. It was a great convention, very informative and the speakers were awesome. Wish some of them could come to the United States and speak at our conventions. When I got back home, I started thinking that … Read more