Awarded CIECA Company of the Year 2019 received CIECA’s Company of the Year award during the 2019 Collision Industry Red Carpet Awards held in conjunction with SEMA. This is the second year that we have received this award, and we’re honored to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to the collision repair sector! Click here to read more from Collision Repair Magazine.   … Read Awarded CIECA Company of the Year 2019

A&A Midwest Rebuilders Suppliers Inc. Announces Corporate Reorganization

LAS VEGAS, NV— At the opening of the 2019 APPEX show, A&A Midwest, a 70-year-old company that supplies cores and new engine parts to the engine and transmission remanufacturing industry, announced we are reorganizing our assets and will be two companies as of December 31, 2019. In the rapidly changing business and automotive environment we … Read moreA&A Midwest Rebuilders Suppliers Inc. Announces Corporate Reorganization

My View of ARNE

Ever been inside a courtroom while in session? Even though each case is different, there’s commonality. Each case has an assigned a court stenographer. When a court stenographer captures what’s said in the court room, there’s no way he or she can report on the way things were said, because they are only authorized to … Read moreMy View of ARNE

Navigating the Transition — In Family-Owned Business

To many of us, succession planning has a direct application to our family-owned companies. For example, we need to resolve how we address ownership considerations versus management and operating considerations. Situations in which ownership and operations or management responsibilities are vested in the same people can be devastating to a family or closely held corporation … Read moreNavigating the Transition — In Family-Owned Business

Know Your Customer (KYC) in Converter Recycling

Who are you really doing business with? Corruption. Bribery. Fraud. Money laundering. Illegal financing or activities (e.g., funding terrorism). Companies of all sizes and in all industries, including automotive recycling, can benefit from knowing your customer or client and avoid working with untrustworthy or illegal companies. Every article I write is committed to educating you … Read moreKnow Your Customer (KYC) in Converter Recycling

Boost Airbag Bounty Revenue with External Labor

Throughout Paul’s amazing 29 years in the automotive recycling industry, he has never seen issues concerning labor become as prominent as today. During our travels, we are constantly hearing the same mantra “It’s hard to attract and retain good employees.” This shortage of labor not only affects larger recyclers, but also the Mom & Pop … Read moreBoost Airbag Bounty Revenue with External Labor

Recruiting & Hiring: Understanding and Supporting Your Hiring Needs

Hiring new employees can be a daunting task. We know it’s difficult to hire … time consuming and costly. Where do you need to begin? Do you need to hire another salesperson? Or perhaps a dismantler because you are busy buying but you are missing engine and transmission sales because you are bottle necked in … Read moreRecruiting & Hiring: Understanding and Supporting Your Hiring Needs

Your Inventory; What You Buy, How Your Show It, and How You Price It

The important thing to remember here is that sales and revenue are a by-product of your inventory and your process. Purchasing When I was new to the business, a wise person told me, “Always remember, you make your money when you buy the car.” He also said, “The parts that come off of these cars … Read moreYour Inventory; What You Buy, How Your Show It, and How You Price It

Celebrating 70 Years!

A&A Midwest is celebrating our 70th anniversary throughout 2019. Started by Aaron and Alex Stolberg in 1949 from very humble beginnings. Today A&A is the industry leader in Engine and Transmission core supply as well as OEM type replacement parts and automotive recycling. A&A started out with a narrow focus of selling engines to engine … Read moreCelebrating 70 Years!

My Memory Trick

Everyone thinks I never forget or miss anything. Boy, do I have them fooled. I have a terrible memory. In the earlier days, I propped it up with a pocket notepad. Today, it’s my iPhone. I send myself an email every time I think of something that needs a look, an action, or a follow … Read moreMy Memory Trick

Summertime Projects

As it happened this time a year ago, summer has started again. With every summer, banners with graduation notices and well-wishes can be seen at entrances to subdivisions. As with most years, I can truly say I attended multiple graduations for children of my good friends and family. This year alone, I attended two kindergarten … Read moreSummertime Projects

Focus on the Customer

Focusing on the customer is almost always the right place to start. Whenever you are thinking about changes in strategy, marketing, or other policies that could affect the customer, try to error on the side of doing what benefits your customers. When the customer wins, you will likely win. In 1978, when I opened, we … Read moreFocus on the Customer