Empower Your People

Do your customers really care whether or not your operation is efficient? Maybe they do; maybe they don’t. They really care more about the product they’ve bought from you, whether it’s a good product or not, or perhaps its price. They also care a great deal about how they were serviced. Whether your customer walks … Read more

What is my Recycling Yard Worth, Ron?

My comments here are very philosophical general in nature, but because I get so many inquiries on this topic, I thought it might be good to discuss it. I have been hired many times to help determine the value of a yard (not including real estate), in cases ranging from contract disputes, tax cases, condemnations, … Read more

Using Your Computer to Make You More Effective

Did you know you can use Google, to watch for articles of interest, using keywords in most media, including newspapers, magazines and of course the web?  Google will search for your key words and email you the results daily.  Try using your name, or LKQ, or auto recycling. There is information every day! As you … Read more

How to Get More from Your Advertising Dollars – Part 2 of 2

Last month, I discussed the components of an effective campaign, this month I will give you tips on how to differentiate yourself from your competition. Charles Tandy (of Tandy Corp fame) once said, “The most likely person to buy something from you is the person that just bought something from you.” We spend an inordinate … Read more

It’s All Up to You – (Part two of two)

Do you look for excuses to work less? Do you ever complain about how much money you’re making? Last month, we talked about two entrepreneurs, and what was different about them and their success. (You can find last month’s article at www.autosalvageconsultant.com, or email me; I will send it to you) Across town, another business … Read more

It’s All Up to You – (Part one of two)

Do you look for excuses to work less? Do you ever complain about how much money you’re making? Joe is a small business owner. He complains that he has to make more because his checks are not large enough to pay his bills. Yet whenever the mood strikes, he leaves work and goes off to … Read more

You Position Yourself

Just about everyone in America comes across a little money at some time or another. I always say that such events likely don’t happen more than five or six times in a lifetime. They might win a lottery; they might inherit a sum; they might cash in some old stock that was passed on to … Read more

Ron, All I Need Is More Money!

I get so many calls from folks who insist that their only problem is that they need more money. Read my lips: “If your only problem is that you need more money, then you don’t have any problems.” This is true in almost all the cases I have seen. Trust me: there is PLENTY of … Read more

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Last month I discussed clearly defined structure. However, it does no good if you never follow up to ensure that those expectations are met. Always be fair. If your employees are going to have bonus plans, give them the bonus plans and clearly inform them how they are going to be measured. Do this as … Read more

Clearly Defined Structure

My company had the reputation of being structured and disciplined. I set guidelines and stood by them. I set goals and strove to reach them. I’ve had employees tell me that they were intimidated at first when they considered coming to work for me because they were unsure about the “rules” thing. Auto dismantlers don’t … Read more

Pieces of the Puzzle Required for Success

A Strong Work Ethic How many of you have a competitor who takes off every day? He’s earned the privilege. Right? Maybe. But what does that do for his employee relations? I believe that productive employees expect the owner to have a strong work ethic. Significant success doesn’t come from escape, procrastination or total delegation. … Read more

Looking for a Job? Are You Really Serious?

I am constantly amazed at the skills people exhibit when looking for a job. Now, I understand that it’s not something you do every week and maybe I should be more sympathetic, since I haven’t done it but once in my life when I got a job as a bag boy in high school.. I … Read more