“Yankin” Takata Airbags In 2022 The Takata Airbag Recall Mission Continues

Did You Think The Takata Recall Was Over? I’ve talked with Recyclers recently about whether the Takata Recall was over. With recalled auto parts, the more parts that are repaired and/or destroyed, the fewer VIN’s available for repair/destruction. While 2019 was the pinnacle for the Auto Recycling Industry for recovered airbags, we are still recovering … Read more

Quality is Job #1

Auto Recyclers have two main sources of revenue: mechanical (driveline suspension), and collision parts (body parts and sheet metal). Let’s look at the challenges and opportunities of selling crash parts, and how we can improve it. There has been a-lot of talk about “selling deeper” into the car. I say “let’s try to sell better … Read more

Thank You, URG!

From all the students that have received a scholarship from URG, there’s a big “THANK YOU.” Last year, URG gave away $40,000 to help our children and fellow employees go to college and vocational schools across this great country. To discover more about URG’s generosity to its own, go to their “URG On-The-Go” podcast episode … Read more

Converter Recycling: What’s in a Name? Recycler, Collector, Processor, Smelter, Refiner

This can be a confusing business on many levels. Do you sell your converters by-the-piece for a “fair market value?” Do you sell them on assay or precious metals recovery for the “intrinsic” value less processing and refining charges? Who are you selling to exactly? What is the difference between converter recycling companies? Who is … Read more


SELLICK’S RETIRE! After 53 years at the helm of Sellick Equipment Limited, co-founders Howard and David Sellick have decided to retire. Howard and David co-founded the company with their late father Walter Sellick in 1968. Together the trio took the company from a converted Ford tractor and built the Harrow, Ontario based company into a … Read more

Tools for Success: Surround Yourself with People Who Will Do Things That You Won’t, Can’t or Shouldn’t Do — And That Are Smarter Than You!

You should surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. Being successful in business takes brains. No doubt that you are smarter than some of the people who work for you. However, if you are always the smartest on in the room, you need to do a better job hiring. The person in … Read more

Goals Map-Out Your Actions

Well, it’s here already! Out with the old and in with the new, right? I knew it was coming but so many things happened in 2021 that made me think planning for the 2022 would be my biggest challenge yet. Listening to the news these days, you’ll hear about doom and gloom everywhere. Covid still … Read more

Converter Recycling: 4 Big Problems with Assay

You finally made the switch from selling your converters by the piece to selling them on assay. And you have found, like most of us have, that it is totally worth it. Your average cat sale is up 5-45% depending on how you were being treated by your buyer.  So, with assay, what could possibly … Read more

Has the Money Truck Hit You?

Over the last 20 years, I have consulted for and watched as my friends and myself sold out to the consolidators. At this year’s ARA convention in Dallas on November 12th, I spoke on “Succession, Sales and Yard Valuation.” Here’s a summary of my presentation: All of us are getting older and eventually, it will … Read more

The Future of Mobility & Automotive Recycling: An Update on Battery Recycling & Outlook on Clean Energy Trends

On Friday, November 12, at the 78th Annual ARA Convention & Expo, in Dallas, TX, we assembled an expert panel to discuss what “electrification” will mean for automotive recycling. Dirk Spiers, Founder of Spiers New Technologies, and Lea Malloy, Head of EV Battery Solutions of Cox Automotive Mobility, now partners, provided an update on what … Read more

Sloppy Core Packing Results in Lower Profits

Create an area that is well lit and install some racking to stage your cores. Do You “Pull and Pack” Your Cores There is an inherent issue with packing your core box as parts are being pulled. It may not be obvious as you have probably “always done it this way,” but light-duty cores often … Read more

Next Man Up

As many know, I am about to assume the role of President of ARA. While this is an honor, and I am truly humbled, it got me thinking about our Association and the industry, with its past, present, and the future. One thing I always keep in mind is to “always remember your roots, never … Read more

Become An Ambassador

Before I die, yes, all of us will die sometime.  Whether sooner or later, it’s all in God’s time. According to the aging process put into place by our Creator, my time might be closer than yours. So, please read this article as it comes from my heart. For a while now, I have been … Read more

Professionalize Your Core Team

Thinking Like The Big Boys I have had the good fortune to work for large billion dollar companies and small family-owned enterprises, including my own and RAS. One thing that sticks out to me is the need for Professionalizing people and functions. From the old days, small, family-run businesses didn’t like titles because they felt … Read more

Other Women in The Industry

In a recent trade publication Amber Kendrick, owner of Pete’s Auto Parts in Michigan was honored as one of the woment leaders in our industry. I was also glad to see Janice Schroder, the VP of Marketing at Car-part.com. She is a fantastic person and leader. All of us can be proud of what Janice … Read more

Learned A Lot at URG

For many years, I have attended the URG Annual Conferences. During my first time there, I spent lots of time in the Car-part booth. However, it wasn’t until this year’s annual conference that it hit me on the head. I really didn’t know how many recyclers also own an independent car lot where they sell … Read more

Core Packing 101

Life Lesson. My wife and I recently moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. After 34 years in the same house, you accumulate a wealth of personal belongings. Priority #1 was to eliminate non-essentials so as not to bog down the moving process. Priority #2 was to ensure that the good stuff gets there in one … Read more

Together We Succeed — Navigating Change

As automotive recyclers come together to reconnect, retool and recharge at the 78th Annual ARA Convention & Expo, they’ll evaluate the impact of industry changes and work together for success. Automotive recyclers are good at many things auto related, but one thing the industry excels at has nothing to do with vehicles. It has to … Read more

It’s Not About Luck It’s the Plan!

I believe trouble comes in bunches. There’s no such thing as luck, good or bad. We all have storms in our life. Some weather the storms better than others. By working hard and being honest, you’ll find that when a storm comes your way, you will always have the money, friends, and resources to see … Read more

Who is Your Marie Kondo of Cores?

Organization and Process are the keys to an Effective Core Program Introducing Marie Kondo Have you heard of Marie Kondo, founder of konmari.com? Take some time this month and google search personal organizing. I think you will be impressed at the empire she has built, helping regular folks organize their lives. Why? When we organize, … Read more

The Trap of The App

Five years ago, converter apps weren’t even a thing, whereas now, converter pricing apps are as common as muck and trust us when we say, some are just that…muck. Truth be told, not all apps are built equally and to understand the real issue would mean understanding the golden rule of converter assaying: the only way … Read more

The Bridge Plan — How Are We Going To Get There?

When my partners and I bought Ford’s auto recycling subsidiary, it was losing huge buckets of money. As we prepared our financial forecast on the turnaround, the asset-based lender and venture capital firm that were our stakeholders wanted to understand exactly how we were going to increase sales and reduce expenses. The stakeholders required us … Read more

Boost Your Core and Catalytic Converter Profitability

NEW “QC Counts” Seminar Debuts at URG 2021 What does Quality Control (QC) have to do with Cores and Catalytic Converters? QC has everything to do with Cores and Catalytic Converters as these are substantial revenue streams. Our #1 priority of this Seminar is to change the way you think of these products. Without a … Read more

DJ and URG

Just in case you’re wondering if I will be speaking at URG, the answer is Yes, but I’m not alone. We have some great industry icons like: Bill Stevens, Dan Snyder, Rob Rainwater, Ryan Falco, Paul D’Adamo, Chad Counts, J.C. Cahill, John Bessler, Theresa Colbert, Tom Bessler, Mike Kunkel, Lee Worman, Tim Wall, Jen Wilson, … Read more

What is my Business Worth, Ron?

My comments here are very philosophical and general in nature, but because I get so many inquiries on this topic, I thought it might be good to discuss it. Most, if not all of the principles here, apply to most any business, not just recycling businesses. I have been hired many times to help determine … Read more

Awesome Job! Your Business has a Three Star Google Rating!!

Who Doesn’t Look At Google Reviews? Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Google Reviews this month. I travel for RAS, so I use Google Maps to look for different services; hotels, restaurants, etc., and, yes, Auto Recycling facilities. I can’t help myself. I love this industry and want all businesses to prosper … Read more

The Future of Converter Recycling: What Happens to Platinum Group Metals (PGMS) if Combustion Engines Become Obsolete by 2030

Will the world’s governments and automakers meet their climate-control-driven mandates to discontinue sales of diesel and gasoline cars in favor of zero emission vehicles by 2030? And what does the electrification movement mean for the supply and demand of precious metals predominantly used in automotive catalyst to control emissions? The “Group of Seven (G7) nations … Read more

What is Organizational Culture and is it Important?

As life and business continue to happen, sometimes at breakneck speed, things in the business start to take on identities. It is often said that the identity or tone is set from the top down. Everyone knows that good leadership is required for any organization to prosper. There are many business management books that discuss … Read more

Another Dead Due To Exploding Takata Airbag

A lot of things have taken a back seat due to COVID-19. In some cases, Recyclers have pushed the removal of Takata Airbags to the back burner as they work through staffing issues. We are trying to communicate this month because these lethal airbags are still in circulation, as witnessed by the news of another … Read more

The Challenge of Change

Yesterday, I completed a podcast with Jay Robie, the President and CEO of Phoenix Automotive Cores. What I discovered was not really a surprise. Jay is a gifted, articulate, and smart guy! During our podcast, Jay described change we need and why so many people fight change. Jay stated, “Change is needed in today’s recycling … Read more

What Things Cost

We recently started holding some Profit Team Peer Groups with people in attendance. We are fortunate enough to hold a number of our meetings in Fort Worth, Texas which has opened to the point of small social and business gatherings are permissible. One of the best parts of the peer group meetings in the interaction … Read more

Sales Management During Good Times

There are a number of owner’s out there who are experiencing a nice run of sales and profits.  Business is not without challenges, especially around buying, but sales have not been a much of a concern.  That has had a tendency for management to ease off of sales managing.  The theory being if it isn’t … Read more

Make a Plan And Know Your Customer

Chapter 2 of my book, How to Salvage Millions from Your Small Business, discusses making a plan and understanding your customer. It’s funny how we wave our arms in the air (figuratively speaking) and talk about what we are going to do, but never get around to putting the plan on paper. Equally humorous is … Read more

A Podcast Just For You

Saying that 2020 was a tough year is putting it mildly. When Don Porter of URG took my advice about doing a podcast to promote his upcoming 2021 conference, here is what happened. For over 10 years, I had been using the TV studios located in Dallas, Georgia. Without fail upon my arrival there, I … Read more

Back to Basics — Defective Takata Airbags 101

It looks like we are turning the corner from Winter and the Pandemic. How do I know? Airbag shipments have been increasing. However, I have been getting calls from Recyclers saying that someone new has taken over the airbag program. In many cases, the new folks are not getting the full training experience. Our Software … Read more

Stolen Catalytic Converter Buyers

Road buyers drive the market for stolen catalytic converters, enticing criminals to steal catalytic converters from your vehicles. This blog will explain who these road buyers are and who enables this criminal activity. These roaming road buyers play a large role in contributing to the theft of catalytic converters. These buyers travel city to city … Read more

Transportation Mega-trends Future Complexities Mean Future OPPORTUNITIES

Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification of Vehicles, and Shared Mobility (ACES) Tesla is now the fifth-most-valuable company in the S&P 500, overtaking Facebook at that position. Cars that connect to each other and the road are here to stay. Connected features like navigation, internet, apps, driving controls are no longer luxury items, but standard features. Models … Read more