Safety First

A lot of companies talk safety but when it comes to acting on it, they lack luster or even ambition. It is easier to keep doing things the same way that they have always been doing it, then changing. One may think, no one has been seriously hurt, at least not that I know of. … Read more

What Is A Good Machine Operator Worth?

How much should I be paying an operator? This is one of the questions I hear often. I’m also told “I can’t find anyone to run this equipment.” For me there are several things that work for you and against you in the equipment world. The physical condition of your equipment, the elements you use … Read more

Constant Improvement Through Maintenance

How do we constantly improve if we are dealing with the same downtime and repairs day after day? You need to sit down and decide what is more important, that extra load or making sure your equipment will run another day successfully. Has there been any issues today that need attention, have we made the … Read more

Daily Inspections and Maintenance

My guys inspect their machines every day at the beginning of their shift. Have you ever looked it over? Studied the sheets they turn in at the end of every week or month? Do you notice any patterns? Most managers never look at the inspection sheets unless someone brings up an issue. Here is why … Read more