Process This

I recently took a trip to the UK to attend the ATF Professional Vehicle Recycling conference in Warwick, UK. It was a great convention, very informative and the speakers were awesome. Wish some of them could come to the United States and speak at our conventions. When I got back home, I started thinking that … Read more

Yabba Dabba Doo Or Don’t

The auto recycling business is unique. What I mean by that is that I tell people that it takes a certain breed to work and remain in this industry. It takes long hours, dedication and pride in what you do. It, by no means is a simple business to run or work in. Some individuals … Read more

RETURNS! How to Prevent Them

During the pandemic I’m sure that we all have had the unsettling thoughts of what am I going to do, will I have shops to sell to, can I buy cars for parts, will I be able to keep my employees. What I have noticed is that we got busier during the pandemic. It was … Read more