Responsible Sourcing — Part 2

Following up on part 1, Responsible Sourcing is a natural conclusion to the present converter theft issues. Starting from a place that for the time being there are no national guidelines on how best to deter and prevent converter theft it is up to us as recyclers to be the front line of ensuring that … Read more

Converter Theft — Part 1

Montreal, Feb 2022 – Cliff Hope, Sr. Account Manager PMR INC. It seems for quite some time now that Catalytic Converter theft has been a hot news item. For those of us in the scrap/recycling industry we are a little more likely to be keyed into these headlines. Even worse, is if someone knows you … Read more

The Trap of The App

Five years ago, converter apps weren’t even a thing, whereas now, converter pricing apps are as common as muck and trust us when we say, some are just that…muck. Truth be told, not all apps are built equally and to understand the real issue would mean understanding the golden rule of converter assaying: the only way … Read more