Great Speakers set for URG

URG’s Theme for 2019 is “Expand the Possibilities”. Their premier conference is slated for April 11th – 13th in the inviting, sunny and warm state of Florida. Leave behind snow and cold weather for tourism of Orlando to hear the best speakers in our industry. I’m quite certain you’re familiar with speakers like, Ryan Falco … Read more

Understanding Metal Price Spreads

Palladium has been on a historical run the past two months to as high as $1553 toz. But why don’t we receive the published bid or spot price for metal that we are selling today? Two Reasons for A Metal Price Spread Bullion vs. Sponge When precious metal is refined from catalyst it is not … Read more

On the Fly Training

I travel extensively and one of the things that I notice everyplace I travel to is the number of help wanted signs that I see on seemingly every business. The unemployment rate in the world is at an all-time low. This has created problems for the auto recycler as we have struggled to find good … Read more

Make Sure Your Sales Team is Capturing Warranty Sales

I recently started to train a team of salespeople, at a medium sized yard, in a major metropolitan area. During an initial analysis of untapped profit centers, I was surprised to find zero warranty sales from the previous 90 days. Most of us know the importance of taking advantage of these sales, here are some … Read more