Stolen Catalytic Converter Buyers

Road buyers drive the market for stolen catalytic converters, enticing criminals to steal catalytic converters from your vehicles. This blog will explain who these road buyers are and who enables this criminal activity. These roaming road buyers play a large role in contributing to the theft of catalytic converters. These buyers travel city to city … Read more

Transportation Mega-trends Future Complexities Mean Future OPPORTUNITIES

Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification of Vehicles, and Shared Mobility (ACES) Tesla is now the fifth-most-valuable company in the S&P 500, overtaking Facebook at that position. Cars that connect to each other and the road are here to stay. Connected features like navigation, internet, apps, driving controls are no longer luxury items, but standard features. Models … Read more

Mental Health and Selling

How does mental health impact sales and why in the world should I care about mental health? The world we live in has always had problems but the last few years seems to have taken on a whole new definition of change and problems. All people experience highs and lows but as salespeople, we tend … Read more

Best Practices for Your Web Strategy

Are you really on your game on the net, or did your cousin Vinnie put up your website? What a bargain! He charged you only $250, and you found a place to host it for free 8 years ago, and you have a Facebook account for the business. Today, that’s just not enough to claim … Read more

URG Changes Conference Dates!

URG Changes Conference Dates! Yes, you are reading this right. The URG conference dates have changed. The URG Annual Conference that was being held in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt in April will now be held August 5th — 7th, 2021. As you can see, the place has not changed. Only the date has changed. … Read more