Converter Theft — Part 1

Montreal, Feb 2022 – Cliff Hope, Sr. Account Manager PMR INC. It seems for quite some time now that Catalytic Converter theft has been a hot news item. For those of us in the scrap/recycling industry we are a little more likely to be keyed into these headlines. Even worse, is if someone knows you … Read more

Walking A Tightrope

Managing Customers and Accounts in the “New Normal.” I think everyone can agree that dealing with customers, and furthermore, extending credit to customers can be a difficult process in regards to customer management. What I mean by this is that you or your account manager have to be proficient in the art of knowing your … Read more

RETURNS! How to Prevent Them

During the pandemic I’m sure that we all have had the unsettling thoughts of what am I going to do, will I have shops to sell to, can I buy cars for parts, will I be able to keep my employees. What I have noticed is that we got busier during the pandemic. It was … Read more

Best Of The Best

This year’s line-up of speakers at URG are the best of the best. If I was picking and choosing speakers at the URG convention, I wouldn’t miss seeing the first two keynote speakers. Eric Maddox is the Army Interrogator who found Saddam Hussein. That session would be a must see for me because Eric is … Read more

Know Your Customer in Converter Recycling: Who Are You Really Doing Business With?

Companies of all sizes and in all industries, including automotive recycling, can benefit from knowing their customer or supplier and avoid working with untrustworthy or illegal companies. Educating yourself is important so that you can never be taken advantage of when it comes to selling scrap catalytic converters. With the increase in precious metals prices … Read more