See You At URG!

I’ll see you at URG, or should I say, you’ll be sorely missed if you fail to attend the biggest Automotive Recycling Industry Conference, known to many as URG. This conference will be the largest turn out in URG history. There are reasons why. It’s about new acquisitions. How big is Incline Equity Partners? When … Read more

EV Battery Reuse And Recycling NAATBATT 2023

New Vehicles, Technology, Data, and Personally Identifiable Information: The Challenges of What’s Left in Salvage Vehicles and How Can We Protect Ourselves as Well as Previous Owners? Sandy, Scott Robertson, Shan Latham, Nick Daurio, Eric Wilbert, Shannon Nordstrom, and myself recently attended the NAATBATT conference on Feb 21st-24th,in Phoenix. For Sandy, Scott, and myself, this … Read more

The World Of Precious Metals: Q1. And Beyond

This past week over two hundred members of a worldwide organization representing every aspect of the precious metals supply chain, from mining and refining to fabrication, recycling, and investment met in Orlando, Florida. The International Precious Metals Institute promotes excellence through education, research, and networking opportunities that drive innovation and advance sustainable practices. The group … Read more