Making Money in Your Sleep…With Metals?

The economics of running a scrap yard have been less than ideal with the drops in demand driven by political and nonpolitical issues. What is ideal however, is the value of the licensed land to conduct metal recycling operations. Many of our clients are finding they can make just as much money leasing their properties … Read more

My Favorite Author

Perhaps, after finishing book #40 by my favorite author, I would find it less desirable than the other 39. Not so! I’m still enamored with his writings and must admit that Max Lucado is still my favorite author with #40, Unshakable Hope. Purchased by my daughter, it was presented for Father’s Day. Not only is … Read more

Ransomware: Hacked & Jacked

At 3:30 on Sunday, July 7, I was ready to leave after working all day. At this moment, I saw on my server screen what turned out to be one of my worst nightmares. It said all of my files had been encrypted. After making a few calls, one of them being to the person … Read more

Steel May Be Depressed

Even as steel continues to dip another 3.4% over the last two weeks or 27% since peaking in late March, scrap catalytic converter values continue to rise with the strength of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). Palladium itself up over $200 since last month rising for a fifth straight week as of the writing of … Read more

Celebrating 70 Years!

A&A Midwest is celebrating our 70th anniversary throughout 2019. Started by Aaron and Alex Stolberg in 1949 from very humble beginnings. Today A&A is the industry leader in Engine and Transmission core supply as well as OEM type replacement parts and automotive recycling. A&A started out with a narrow focus of selling engines to engine … Read more

The Good Employee

Nothing is more valuable that a good employee. They show up on time, they do what is expected of them, and they solve more problems than they create. Good employees are eager to improve and are willing to make the effort to learn. They are respected and trusted not only by their employer, but also … Read more