Editor’s Note – What a Year!!!

What a Year!!! I have been here for officially a year! This year the Recyclers Power Source publication has grown and along with it a design firm has formed as well. As I have told many of you, design is my passion! Can one call their work a hobby? As I walked around the ARA … Read more

What Motivates Sales People?

If your employees aren’t motivated to excel then the problem lies first with you, the owner/manager, and then with the employee. The owner/manager controls the work environment and creates the atmosphere that fosters the employee attitude. The level of motivation is dependent on the level of trust that the employee has in the consistency of … Read more

Why I Need Core Money

We have heard a number of stories over the last few months about the core / commodity buyers taking months to pay for the product they are purchasing. The core market has certainly changed over the last 5 years. The core segment of our business has been a true growth opportunity for the last several … Read more