Let’s Talk Recalls: 2019 – Year of the Bounty Hunter

It’s hard to look forward to 2019 without a quick review of 2018. Thanks to Auto Recyclers across North America, tens of thousands of defective Takata airbags have been removed from the Auto Recycling Industry in 2018. As an industry, we have stepped up our game to remove defective Takata airbags from resale inventory thereby … Read more


Congratulations to the Executive Committee of the ARA Annual Convention. That convention was one of the best I’ve witnessed. The association elected Jonathan Morrow as President of ARA at this convention. Jonathan and family owns M&M Auto Parts located in Virginia. Jonathan completed his master’s degree in business administration from Liberty University. Jonathan succeeds David … Read more

A First Time for Everything

I’m sure everyone has those experiences in their lives- trying something for the very first time. Whether it’s a new food, a unique experience, we have a reaction to all of it. For me, that first experience was two-fold…traveling to Florida and attending the 75th Annual ARA Convention and Exposition. This being my first trip … Read more

Gain and Retain Employees

In Counts Business Consulting we have spent a great deal of time thinking about and researching the issue of employees. Much of that has been on how to best measure, train and improve performance. The last couple of years we have increasingly been focused on hiring and retaining employees. We have a vacancy – Why? … Read more

Coming to Terms! Are Competitive Terms the Real Terms?

A long 35-year career in the precious metals industry has taught me many invaluable lessons. I’ve learned that you cannot over-react to the many market changes we have seen during my long time in the business. I’ve come to know that all precious metals bearing material has value that is re-claimable. I have found out … Read more

How Much Inventory do I Have to Sell?

If you visit most any auto recycler you will find that they all have a few things in common. They all have vehicles waiting to be dismantled, vehicles that have already been dismantled and parts that have been removed and placed in some type of warehouse or storage facility. The collection of these three is … Read more