Awarded CIECA Company of the Year 2019 received CIECA’s Company of the Year award during the 2019 Collision Industry Red Carpet Awards held in conjunction with SEMA. This is the second year that we have received this award, and we’re honored to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to the collision repair sector! Click here to read more from Collision Repair Magazine.   … Read more

Scholarships & Your Employees’ Children

If any of you have ever been to a trade show or conference where I was selling raffle tickets, you are probably tired of me asking you for money! Haha! You may not realize the reason I do that. I sell raffle tickets to raise money for the scholarship foundations and groups that provide scholarships … Read more

Converting Your New Website Traffic Into Cash

In last month’s issue, we discussed how creating content can increase traffic, the psychology of how users interact with your website, and how to grab their attention, leading them to take a specific action. In this issue, we’re going to discuss how you convert this newly acquired traffic into leads and ultimately new revenue for … Read more

Don’t Yank These Bags

After 22 months of saying #yankthatbag, we finally have a reason to say, “Don’t Yank These Bags”. Of course, we are referring to Deployed Airbags. Maybe you haven’t heard?? Shortly after we released our YAPP (Yard Airbag App) for removing Takata airbags from vehicles, we pursued the idea of using our YAPP to process Deployed … Read more

ARA 2019 Award Winners

Yes! It was the best ARA convention ever. You’ve probably heard me say that it was the best before which makes one ask why I’m saying it now. How did they surpass previous years? What really made it better this year? Well, since Jim Counts, Mike James and yours truly were given awards, it was … Read more

Managing Social Media

What does managing social media in our industry mean? For some companies it can be simply posting pictures of their inventory and then leaving it there for the world to see. Other companies post memes with the hopes of building traffic to their page. But before we go into that we need to understand what … Read more