Do You Need Free Advertising?

I know, I know, you don’t have much money for advertising. But… surely you are interested in it if it’s free? Don’t underestimate the value of press releases for your business. In fact, you should set a goal of issuing one every other month, no less than 6 times a year. It’s easy and costs … Read more

Memories Live Forever

Our memories are special to us because they tell our personal story. Oscar Wilde saw memories as a part of a mental, personal diary that a person adds to throughout their lifetime. So true! As we create them, no one can take your memories from you because each day is a beginning or an addition … Read more

Jingle Jingle: We Don’t Co-Mingle Your Cats

How are your cats refined? Things you should know. One way, assay. This is what we preach at United Catalyst Corporation. There is one way to recycle a scrap catalytic converter. It must be de-canned, milled, sampled, assayed, smelted, and refined. This process may sound simple at first glance, but do not be fooled, to … Read more

2021 = The Best Year Ever?

The year of 2020 will be remembered, talked about & researched forever. All of those things will be good topics but the reality is we have businesses that need to be run profitably during a period of time that sees many different ideas and principals in play. Simple math and deductive reasoning — skills that … Read more