Has the Money Truck Hit You?

Over the last 20 years, I have consulted for and watched as my friends and myself sold out to the consolidators. At this year’s ARA convention in Dallas on November 12th, I spoke on “Succession, Sales and Yard Valuation.” Here’s a summary of my presentation: All of us are getting older and eventually, it will … Read more

The Future of Mobility & Automotive Recycling: An Update on Battery Recycling & Outlook on Clean Energy Trends

On Friday, November 12, at the 78th Annual ARA Convention & Expo, in Dallas, TX, we assembled an expert panel to discuss what “electrification” will mean for automotive recycling. Dirk Spiers, Founder of Spiers New Technologies, and Lea Malloy, Head of EV Battery Solutions of Cox Automotive Mobility, now partners, provided an update on what … Read more

Sloppy Core Packing Results in Lower Profits

Create an area that is well lit and install some racking to stage your cores. Do You “Pull and Pack” Your Cores There is an inherent issue with packing your core box as parts are being pulled. It may not be obvious as you have probably “always done it this way,” but light-duty cores often … Read more

Next Man Up

As many know, I am about to assume the role of President of ARA. While this is an honor, and I am truly humbled, it got me thinking about our Association and the industry, with its past, present, and the future. One thing I always keep in mind is to “always remember your roots, never … Read more

Become An Ambassador

Before I die, yes, all of us will die sometime.  Whether sooner or later, it’s all in God’s time. According to the aging process put into place by our Creator, my time might be closer than yours. So, please read this article as it comes from my heart. For a while now, I have been … Read more