Let’s Talk Recalls: What is Your Process?

When our family first took over Bill’s Auto Parts, we always seemed to find ourselves doing work-arounds to get things done. I called it “Fire, Ready, Aim.” It was like a game of Chinese Checkers where we needed to take steps backward in order to move forward. The old school nature of the operation (founded … Read more

Having a grip on your shipping costs is a critically important part of your eCommerce success. If you ship with FedEx® or UPS®, you need an “A” game.

There are several significant saving opportunities present on nearly every FedEx® and UPS® invoice. They relate to guaranteed service quality and billing accuracy. Guaranteed Service Quality FedEx® and UPS® absolutely, positively guarantee that your package will arrive at its destination on time – or your money back! If it’s more than one-minute late, you are … Read more

As Proud As I Can Be

Last year while attending the ARA Convention and Exposition in Florida, I discovered that Marty Hollingshead was to be confirmed by the Board of Directors as the next Association Secretary. As an outstanding individual himself, Marty will be joining an outstanding team. While seated in the audience listening to the award winner announcements, my mind … Read more

Arizona Auto Parts is 100

A recent Profit Team Group meeting was hosted by Arizona Auto Parts in Phoenix. The meeting was attended by family patriarch and third generation auto recycler, Mike Pierson Senior. During the opening statements we were informed that it was the 100th anniversary of Arizona Auto Parts as they opened in 1919. Michael Pierson Junior is … Read more

Hire and Hire Now!

Why? Because it Will Cost You Less to Hire Today A strong economy, more and more jobs, manufacturing on the rise, high employment rate, low unemployment rate, higher wages, bonuses, health care and benefits, low interest rates, baby boomers retiring – what does that mean? A competitive and very tight hiring market. Currently, the US … Read more