Second Verse

There is a saying that says second verse same as the first.  There is another that says that the only constant is change.  The final cliché saying I am going to recite is that history always repeats itself.  What do all of these things have to do with the auto recycling industry? The calendar has … Read more

The Doctor Prescribes a Booster Shot

With Covid-19 on the rise again, it appears that everyone needs the vaccine. When it is available for me, you’ll find me in line, waiting to get mine. Thinking about what can help our Auto Recycling industry, my prescription is simple. We need a power-packed, booster shot. And we need it now! Since I’m the … Read more

Marketing 101

Our goal as Auto Recyclers, obviously, is to sell as many parts as possible. To do this and to increase our opportunity for a larger piece of the pie, we have barriers to overcome. Some barriers, like the OEM repair procedures, are imposed by others, but at the same time, I feel in a lot … Read more

GM Recalls 5.9M Vehicles to Replace Takata Airbags

Why are these Takata Airbags being recalled now? It seems ironic that we were just alerted to a Volvo Airbag Recall. NHTSA has concluded that the GM inflators are subject to the same issues; moisture, temperature, and age making them vulnerable as a safety hazard. GM had petitioned NHTSA over the last four years to … Read more