“Yankin” Takata Airbags In 2022 The Takata Airbag Recall Mission Continues

Did You Think The Takata Recall Was Over? I’ve talked with Recyclers recently about whether the Takata Recall was over. With recalled auto parts, the more parts that are repaired and/or destroyed, the fewer VIN’s available for repair/destruction. While 2019 was the pinnacle for the Auto Recycling Industry for recovered airbags, we are still recovering … Read more

Quality is Job #1

Auto Recyclers have two main sources of revenue: mechanical (driveline suspension), and collision parts (body parts and sheet metal). Let’s look at the challenges and opportunities of selling crash parts, and how we can improve it. There has been a-lot of talk about “selling deeper” into the car. I say “let’s try to sell better … Read more

Thank You, URG!

From all the students that have received a scholarship from URG, there’s a big “THANK YOU.” Last year, URG gave away $40,000 to help our children and fellow employees go to college and vocational schools across this great country. To discover more about URG’s generosity to its own, go to their “URG On-The-Go” podcast episode … Read more

Converter Recycling: What’s in a Name? Recycler, Collector, Processor, Smelter, Refiner

This can be a confusing business on many levels. Do you sell your converters by-the-piece for a “fair market value?” Do you sell them on assay or precious metals recovery for the “intrinsic” value less processing and refining charges? Who are you selling to exactly? What is the difference between converter recycling companies? Who is … Read more