Discount Saw Blade Introduces Two New Lines of Blades

Discount Saw Blade is now carrying two new lines of metal cutting reciprocating saw blades. They are great for cutting catalytic converters, metal body panels and frame members. The Avanti Pro blades are our value line for the cost conscience. They are Swiss made, offered in 6″ and 9″, 8% Cobalt, Bi-Metal .035 thickness, and … Read more

Four Disciplines To Make You Win Business In 2018

The first of the year is an exciting time to think about and work on the business. Creating a strategic plan can be exhilarating. The vision is set. The team is on the same page. Then work happens. It’s called a whirlwind; the urgent day-to-day activities of keeping the business running that devour the time … Read more

It’s Going to Be a Great Year

A year ago I had put my first Editor’s note in this publication. January of 2017 was my first publication that I was involved in and now it has been a full year! Twelve issues I have now been involved in. Time flies, doesn’t it? In recap of these last twelve months, I have enjoyed … Read more

January Is the Best Month

I am a really big fan of the month of January.  You get the best of both worlds.  You get to look behind at the full year that we just completed while being able to plan for the 12 months that we are about to embark on. Failure to understand how we arrived were we … Read more

Do You Practice Gratitude?

It’s easy to feel gratitude when you are at the Thanksgiving table. The atmosphere is perfect, food masterfully prepared, and everyone’s usually on their best behavior. That’s one of the beautiful things about that holiday. Every year at our family thanksgiving celebration, before we even eat anything, everyone takes a turn sharing with the group … Read more

Safety First

A lot of companies talk safety but when it comes to acting on it, they lack luster or even ambition. It is easier to keep doing things the same way that they have always been doing it, then changing. One may think, no one has been seriously hurt, at least not that I know of. … Read more

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Strategic plans are only as good as the paper they’re printed on. But the thinking that goes into them is extremely valuable. The process is sometimes more important than the actual plan. How and who you involve in this critical thinking process will ultimately determine the success or failure. Change Any plan will involve change. … Read more

Positive Energy – The Way To The Top

The first article in this series listed more than 25 tactics to increase your business success, all of them based on my experience. I started with nothing and didn’t get to college, so I know you can achieve maximum success, regardless of your education. E-mail me to get the first article (or any of the … Read more

Core Incompetence

A lot of people know that I am the “Queen of Cores!” I help recyclers set up core programs at their businesses, I teach classes on cores. I work closely with several core buyers to make sure that my customers and I are up-to-date on any changes in the industry and that the best practices … Read more