The Five Year Plan, Four Years Later

Back in January of 2017, I wrote an article about the Five-Year Plan, and what does the future hold for Auto Recyclers? So, now four years later, I just want to recap the problems facing us and what changes we have seen. We will start off by looking at problems that were facing us and … Read more

Converter Recycling: A 2021 New Year’s Revolution

Everyone is going to be looking to bounce back economically from 2020 and selling the precious metals in your converters on assay is a superb way to accomplish that. Selling on Assay. What You Give is What you Get. The best part of selling converters on assay is that whatever precious metals are in your … Read more

The New Way of Selling

While the overall impact of COVID 19 has been negative, for a variety of reasons, the sale of used auto parts has been robust in 2020.  We have been riding a wave of sales that in some ways defies logic. During this period of time, we have seen a visible decrease in the number of … Read more

Airbag Recalls Continue to Make News

Is the New Volvo Recall part of the Recall Bounty Program? You have probably seen the recent headlines regarding the new Volvo airbag recall. The Volvo recall announced in November pertains to airbags that could rupture, spewing metal fragments into the passenger compartment. As with Takata airbags, the propellent degrades over time when exposed to … Read more

Happy New Year to All!

Going on 25+ years now, it has been my pleasure to write for the Recyclers Power Source Magazine. Even though we are beginning a new year, I believe the first quarter of this year will be remarkably like what we experienced over the last 9 months. However, I am hopeful it will be better. I … Read more