Is Bigger Really Better?

Chapter two of my book How to Salvage Millions from Your Small Business discusses this month’s topic. Bigger can be better, but many times it simply isn’t. First, you have to make several decisions: Do you really want to be bigger, with the commensurate problems? Are you willing to tolerate more mediocrity that will inevitably … Read more

Auto Catalyst Value Chain: COVID-19 & Beyond

The Experts Weigh In Recently, I had the privilege of moderating and participating in a global webinar regarding the auto catalyst value chain. Some of the analysts, refiners, and fellow processors that I respect most were on the panel. Dr. Jonathan Butler, Head of Business Development for Mitsubishi Corporation, kicked off the webinar with an … Read more

Bye Bye Guest Login — Hello CorePro for Recalls

History When the Takata Airbag Recovery Program launched in 2015, our IT Department swung into action to create software for recyclers to process airbags. However, they recognized that there were customers enrolled in CorePro submitting cores and airbags, and recyclers who only wanted to process their airbags. So two logins were put on the same … Read more

Theresa’s Top 5 Tips on Social Media

I know that with COVID-19 going on, a lot of us are spending more time online. I have heard from several customers that online sales have really been picking up for them the last couple months. I thought that I would share some of my tips on social media for auto recyclers. 1. Never post … Read more

Let’s Cal it the “New Normal”

Do me a favor, please! I am asking all recyclers to refer to this unpresented time as the “New Normal”. I really dislike using the word “abnormal” because what we are going through right now is not abnormal. However, it is the future. Our customer base is telling us that this is “Amazon Time” because … Read more

Have you Passed Your COVID Test?

Man alive, if ever there was a global stress test, surely this is it!  How healthy are you? How healthy is your business? How secure is your job? How stable are your customers?  At different points, we have all had to consider these questions from a variety of lenses without the benefit of past data … Read more

Employees: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR I started in this business back in 1973 and like the saying goes, if you live long enough, you pretty much will see and hear everything. In May of 1983, I left my former employer of seven years to come to work as a salesperson here at Northlake. I … Read more