What Are Diesel Oxidation Catalysts?

Everyone is interested in the distinctions between the various types of catalytic converters. This is because catalytic converters are incredibly valuable scrap components, which generates extra revenue for the automotive industry. All original equipment manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converters from gasoline-powered vehicles can be sold for a good price, but many people are unsure whether diesel converters … Read more

The Lasso Way “Be Curious, Not Judgemental”

As I just finished the 3rd and final season of Ted Lasso, a show about soccer, sorry, a show about football (no, not that football), I am really blown away by a show about football that isn’t really even about football. It is a show about motivation, believing in yourself, learning about yourself, inclusion, respect, … Read more

You Are Invited

These past few weeks, OARA, ISRI, and URG have been a whirlwind of acronyms. People often ask me if I tire of traveling the auto recycling trade show circuit. My answer: NO. Having come from the Tech world before I fell into the Auto Recycling Industry, developing relationships has been one of the great joys … Read more

Balancing KYC Requirements For Converter Recycling

Catalytic converter thefts have become a recurring issue, prompting local, state, and federal governments to tackle the problem. However, for recyclers in the converter industry, the challenges are mounting with each passing day. The buzzword that has emerged amidst these difficulties is “compliance.” For companies with a national client base, they must ensure that they … Read more