Yes, I Smile at Strangers

Last month while attending URG, you probably heard Michael Clay, the speaker that did a presentation on how to use social media correctly to make money. There aren’t many guru’s comparable to Mike because he’s an expert in SEO, “on-web” design, and digital marketing plans. Others may feel they measure up to his ability…but they … Read more

The 4 Ps of Converter Recycling Profitability

At our company, United Catalyst Corporation, we have a mantra, it is Getting the Most from Your Converters with A Process You Can Trust. It is as simple as four Ps; a Process you can trust; a Program you can trust; a Partner you can trust; and the Power of education. A Process You Can … Read more

Focus on the Customer

Focusing on the customer is almost always the right place to start. Whenever you are thinking about changes in strategy, marketing, or other policies that could affect the customer, try to error on the side of doing what benefits your customers. When the customer wins, you will likely win. In 1978, when I opened, we … Read more

Focus on Fundamentals: Core Competencies

In my role with ARA as a mentor, I created some basic instructions for Recyclers that I am mentoring. After looking at this first one, I said to myself, “This is something that is relevant and of use to all recyclers, myself included.” I think that we all from time to time need to focus … Read more

How to Grow your Automotive Recycling Business

Customer Experience ­— Outperform the Competition How sensitive or aware are your customers to the price of your parts? Most of us have the experience of looking at the costs of a product and its impact on our buying decisions. This is especially true on our first purchase with a vendor. But my experience and … Read more