A Moment In History

The URG 2022 Educational Conference in New Orleans is now a part of our history as well as the history of everyone that attended. I sincerely believe this was one the best conferences ever! The conference theme, Look Forward, Honor the Past, speaks volumes regarding the need for individuals, companies, and organizations to remember what … Read more

Is Your Advertising Making You Money? Know Your Customer Acquisition Cost.

Whenever you are wondering whether you should continue to run an advertisement or whether your last mailer was worth the cost, you need to consider customer acquisition costs.  Customer acquisition cost is not hard to understand, but few businesses do the math required to evaluate their advertising efforts. I first learned about calculating customer acquisition … Read more

Tips To Remember

It’s only been a few weeks at the podcast center that we had our guest, Paul D’Adamo. My phone rang when it should have been on silent, but I answered it anyway. Since the sound was on ‘speaker mode’, Chuck Camp the producer of URG “On the Go” podcast was also listening.  When the person … Read more

Cat Money Reinvest or Other?

We have all stockpiled cats in order to get a huge ‘payday’. However, we all seem to get spend-happy when that large payment arrives. A simple change is our spending mindset can change the growth trajectory of our businesses—it did for me.  There are three types of things you can spend money on: Appreciable, Depreciables, … Read more