Getting the Most from Your Converters with A Process You Can Trust: Understand the Importance of Weights

In converter recycling, the best recyclers know their numbers and partner with companies that educate. We encourage our customers to sell converters on assay, the verified analysis of the precious metal contained in the converters less the customary recycling costs. You want to use a scientific method because it is reliable and can be validated. … Read more

Let’s Talk Recalls

Legal Questions Q Is there a penalty or fine if I sell a recalled part? A It is illegal to sell a known/documented recalled part. Fines can run up to $21,000 per violation. More importantly, sales of airbags could result in injury or death.   Materials and Shipping Related Questions Q Is there a fee … Read more

Training For Success

It is a rare event that you hire an employee that knows what you expect them to know and does what you expect them to do the first day they begin work. No major corporation hires people and expects them to be ready to begin work the first day on the job. Although their competitors … Read more

Don’t Blame Me!

Last month, I wrote about mental toughness and how Steve Siebold helps people from all walks of life to get better. This is the same Steve Siebold that you’ve seen on Fox Business Channel and all the other stations talking about his new book, SECRETS SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES TEACH THEIR KIDS. Heads up, folks. Review the … Read more