You Simply Must Have Modern Computer Skills

I am always amazed at the quality of computer skills those that are looking for work have, or don’t have. We use Excel a lot and test for it when hiring. Most applicants say their skills are rusty, but in reality can’t even create a simple 9-cell spreadsheet. What amazes me even more is that … Read more

3 Tips To Having A Better Life

Having a better life can be achieved through implementation of 3 helpful tips. The first tip is simple and only takes seconds to do. While on her way to work only a few weeks ago, Sheila pulled into one of two lanes at a fast-food chicken place close to home. She was in a huge … Read more

Growing the Automotive Recycling Business

There is a business phenonium know as “Growth Stall”. It is when your company sales go flat or in many cases income drops for two quarters as compared to the same time in the previous year. Most companies have experienced this. Some data says that 80% of companies experience this and that a large number … Read more

Autocatalyst Recycling Outlook for 2019

Looking back is always easier than looking forward. And last year was a good year for autocatalyst recycling. And for 2019 the outlook remains positive.               The strong demand for autocatalyst, increased vehicle recycling, and a short supply continues to push the Palladium price higher. Lower demand from the … Read more