The Ability to Build a Brand is Dead. START SELLING!

Conventional or traditional advertising for most recyclers, including print and direct mail, has declined in value and ceded ground to the web for most recyclers. The other advertising mistake I see businesses, including recyclers, making is trying to build a brand or just making sure that prospects are seeing their name out in the marketplace. … Read more

HEV BATTERIES: A Shock to the System

I recently attended a research study on reuse and recycling of batteries in electric vehicles on November 7th and 8th at Argonne National Laboratories in Lemont, Illinois. Delanne Bernier and I were there to make a presentation and represent ARA at this event, which was called the “Recell” Conference. This was a well-attended event by … Read more

Maximizing Bounty for Full Service Recyclers

NEW “RECALL CART” SIMILAR TO COREPRO WITHOUT CORES Our Technology Department here at RAS deserves a lot of credit for the success of the Recall Program. Kudos to Dave, Don, Tom, Deb, and Michael for all that they do. You don’t see their faces at the trade shows, but their knowledge and expertise are visible … Read more

URG is Awarding $40,000 in Scholarships

Many industries and associations help students with scholarships, but I am happy to report that the caring folks at URG are not surpassed by other industries. In 2020, URG will be awarding $40,000 dollars’ worth of scholarships. You heard me right! $40,000 in 2020. Other associations that I’ve been a part of will offer much … Read more

Becoming Indispensable

We live in a time with access to more inventory, information and options to products than ever before. The Recycled Original Equipment space is no different. The impact has been felt across all areas of our business from the acquisition of inventory to pricing or listing to efficiently fulfilling demand. Because of this phenomenon, many … Read more