Core Is Not A Four Letter Word

There is no question that COVID has reshaped the labor pool in some not-so-business-friendly ways. Attracting and retaining qualified employees has become Job #1 for many recyclers, taking precious time away from acquiring quality vehicle inventory and running the business at peak efficiency. Somehow, through this timeframe, some recyclers have seen “cores” as an extra … Read more

Clear And Present Danger

New Vehicles, Technology, Data, and Personally Identifiable Information: The Challenges of What’s Left in Salvage Vehicles and How Can We Protect Ourselves as Well as Previous Owners? Vehicles are now all connected and store our personally identifiable information, (PII). This can be anything and everything. From storing your contacts, passwords, your shopping, where you have … Read more

Rob Rainwater, Paul D’Adamo, & Ryan Falco

Now that I have your attention, you know several people who will be speaking at the URG Annual Training Conference. These men want to help other recyclers. As good as they are, they’re not alone either.  Joining this crew is none other than Dalan Zartman, an electric vehicle trainer that is known world-wide. It would … Read more

Limitless Horizons

URG chose Limitless Horizons as the theme for the 2023 URG Educational Conference. Why focus on horizons? My team and I believe you can better set your organization up for success by focusing on the horizons that lie ahead and expanding those horizons to meet future business needs. Most commonly we think of the horizon … Read more

I Hate Cats But I Love The Money

I HATE the cats. I hear this all the time. Or I hear, I wish the cats would just go away. Then I hear, I love the money, don’t get me wrong. I just hate dealing with the core guys, the collectors, the processors. It’s all become too much. I don’t even want to go … Read more