Tools for Success — Do You Have A Succession Plan?

Here’s What a Perfect One Looks Like! The first article in this series listed more than 25 tactics to increase your business success. I have used all of them. I started with nothing and didn’t get to college, so I know you can achieve maximum success, regardless of your education. E-mail me to get the … Read more

Auto Salvage Industry Business Broker Part 2

There are 11,000 full-service yards out there. They range from very profitable 30-acre operations near a major population, to tiny yards in the middle of nowhere. 4,500 of these yards have modern inventory software & systems, whether made by Hollander, Pinnacle, Car-Part, or Buddy. There are 900 self-service yards (U Pull It). 200 of them … Read more

Theresa’s Top Five

Top five reasons why you DO NOT need to join your state or local associations: 5. Business is bad everywhere and I don’t need to pay more money in dues.” No, it’s actually not. If you have a chance to sit down with other recyclers, vendors, core buyers, legislators and your inventory management systems you … Read more

URG Has Another Great Conference

What makes URG different from lots of other conventions is that URG’s really all about training. Yes, there was golf on Thursday and the URG Education Foundation raised over $12,000…many thanks to Bo Wroten. An amazing accomplishment! All the proceeds of golf and the generous players helped to raise this kind of money. Don Porter, … Read more

Creating a Sustainable Environment

All things are growing or dying No living thing ever reaches a stage of development where they no longer change. They are either growing or they are dying. Staying alive takes energy and it takes having the right environment and the correct intake. Your business is the same. It is either growing or going away. … Read more

Results Versus Driver Numbers

We had a new customer come to a group meeting and made a comment that they really liked the meeting but thought we would spend more time talking about bottom line profit percentage. I commented that we spent 2 days talking about nothing but making money. He accurately pointed out that we did not discuss … Read more

Daily Inspections and Maintenance

My guys inspect their machines every day at the beginning of their shift. Have you ever looked it over? Studied the sheets they turn in at the end of every week or month? Do you notice any patterns? Most managers never look at the inspection sheets unless someone brings up an issue. Here is why … Read more

I Have the First Show Under My Belt!

I did it and it was fantastic. I was very anxious since I had started to get to my first show. After the first month working here I longed to meet all of those that I have been emailing and calling! The URG Training Conference was absolutely amazing! For starters their was NEVER a line … Read more