Are Your Employees Sharing Teeth?

Three old men are at dinner. They have a splendid meal, but they have a problem. They have only one set of teeth. It’s going to take them a while to eat. I’ll let you imagine whether they share a little at a time or one finishes before passing the teeth on. Gross, I know. … Read more

April Is A Month of Celebrations

So Much To Celebrate! Let’s all take a moment this month to celebrate these two monumental days in our industry. Earth Day and Reman Day represent the best of what our Industry stands for; companies who don’t just talk the talk of environmental action, but recyclers who by definition “walk the walk” in a profit … Read more

Responsible Sourcing — Part 2

Following up on part 1, Responsible Sourcing is a natural conclusion to the present converter theft issues. Starting from a place that for the time being there are no national guidelines on how best to deter and prevent converter theft it is up to us as recyclers to be the front line of ensuring that … Read more

Yabba Dabba Doo Or Don’t

The auto recycling business is unique. What I mean by that is that I tell people that it takes a certain breed to work and remain in this industry. It takes long hours, dedication and pride in what you do. It, by no means is a simple business to run or work in. Some individuals … Read more

Come One Come All!

Come One!! Come All!! After years and decades of service to recyclers, we are proud to announce that Automotive Recyclers of Michigan will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on May 20 – 21st, 2022. What an accomplishment! This big event will be the ARM Road Show and Business Networking Conference and will probably be the … Read more

Converter Recycling: The Cats Of The Future Are Not Simple

A few years ago, I shared this overview of how exhaust systems and converter loadings are changing. Peter Duncan, General Manager of Market Research for Johnson Matthey, had shown us how the exhaust systems were changing to include more and complex catalytic converters that have different loadings and functions—some converters not even containing precious metals. … Read more