Who Has Their Hand In Your Pocket?

At a recent meeting, we heard about fraud and how creative and undermining it can be within business walls. Specifically, employee fraud or theft-by-taking. What causes this? Is it sickness? Greed? Jealousy? Addiction? To have an employee stoop that low, there must be a change of the heart. They’ve rationalized that their fraud is somehow … Read more

Think Big To Do Big

“Teach less. Charge more.” That was the advice I gave to a friend of mine who has graduated from college and been pursuing his career as a professional musician for a few years. He has moved to Nashville and has steady work as a session drummer and a touring musician. Not long ago, he came … Read more

The Harder I Work The Luckier I Get

I have recently attended a number of trade shows and been “on the ground” at many yards the past few weeks. I have been seeing a lot of the same issues repeated wherever I go. Business is slow; sales are down My first question is: Are you behind on inventory? Why do I ask this? … Read more

Reputation Management

I recently sat in on a presentation and the topic of reputation management came up. In the online visual world that we live in our reputation is being shown everywhere. If you stop and think about it, we have spent our entire lives managing our reputations. We are taught not to lie and steal at … Read more