Theresa’s Top 5 Tips on Instant Messaging

I have been working from home and have been getting a lot of instant messages via Car-Part Messaging (iCPM). One of the recurring messages I have been getting from yard owners, managers, and employees has been (ironically) to complain about instant messages! They are not complaining about using instant messages—quite the opposite. They are complaining about people … Read more

Pay for Performance for Your Team

You have sat in class after class, talked to other yard owners about switching over to paying employees for performance, and you are still paying them hourly, thinking all your employees will walk out or that making this change might cause chaos in the business. Yes, just like you, I was slow to change to … Read more

Turn Your Possibilities into Probabilities at the First-Ever Virtual Automotive Recycling Industry

Do you want to rejuvenate your business, revive your business profits, reframe your current perspective, refresh your team’s skills, and recharge your personal energy? In light of the most challenging year in history, why wouldn’t you take advantage of ALL your options? Look no further, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is offering this and more, … Read more