Auto Salvage Industry Business Broker – Part 6

From my last installment, you know that you’re making real progress if you’ve received a term sheet or “Letter of Intent” from a prospective buyer for your yard. It is now time to test your negotiating chops. You have a buyer who could potentially be very sincere now, and rejecting any of their deal points … Read more

Making Money

As I travel from convention to convention, I’ve noticed that some recyclers are making money and some are not.  For a self-assessment, which are you?  The recyclers making money are doing some things others may not. “Money-making” recyclers keep a closer eye on expenses backed up by good, record keeping. Better yet, they’re street smart. … Read more

Misery VS Opportunity

Two hurricanes have hit in the United States in short order.  The destruction in TX is devastating and the number of people who did not have flood insurance or low policy limits is going to be a staggering number.  The number of total loss vehicles in TX alone is supposed to be close to 1 … Read more

Car-Part And Your Data

I know that I work at but I don’t usually write about Car-Part. Usually, I write about things happening to me on the road and during my visits to recyclers. But, I do think it’s about time to address some questions and misconceptions I have been hearing from recyclers. Some yards think that Car-Part … Read more

Every Part Gets Sold

Parts are sold in one of three categories: As a part sale to replace a damaged or non-functioning part, Sold to a core buyer to be refurbished or rebuilt, or Sold by weight. Bullet number one is what we hope for and buy the vehicle for. We will place into inventory somewhere between 40 and … Read more