ROI: Realizing Organizational Importance

I want to talk about the importance of safety and compliance and its return on investment, as well as the cost and potential liabilities. Let’s start off with the question of what exactly does compliance mean for the Automotive Recycler? For this article, we will talk about two main areas of compliance, the first being … Read more

For Fire, Safety and Productivity — Don’t Carry a Torch

When salvage yards find themselves leading the local news, it’s rarely a good thing. Salvage yards are a staple of local fire coverage for obvious reasons: lots of flammable materials and no shortage of heat and spark producing processes and tools, including the use of oxy-acetylene torches. The use of acetylene torches for removing parts … Read more

Be Kind to Your Mind

Before writing any article, I ponder whether it would benefit me rather than helping everyone else. Usually, it is self-help for me. I must ask if COVID-19 has been getting to you. It has me. Have you been drinking, smoking, or eating more than usual? I have, and I have also been having too much … Read more

Do You Need Free Advertising?

I know, I know, you don’t have much money for advertising. But… surely you are interested in it if it’s free? Don’t underestimate the value of press releases for your business. In fact, you should set a goal of issuing one every other month, no less than 6 times a year. It’s easy and costs … Read more