Treasure or Trash: The Quest For New Hires

Now that things are back to normal, or so they say, let’s take a look at the employment market in this post-pandemic world, as well as what is next. Earlier in the spring, things started getting back to normal, and the biggest thing that we all realized, besides the supply-line issues, is that now we … Read more

Your Podcast Is Growing

We are proud to announce that the URG on the Go podcast keeps growing every week.  No doubt, the good information in each episode keeps our listeners coming back for more week after week. If you’re one of these listeners, thank you for spending your valuable time with us. If you log on, you’ll hear … Read more

The Hidden Value of Performance Pay For Delivery Drivers

Many people have heard of pay by the delivery (delivery stop), but most people do not really understand how it is correctly computed or what the hidden value is. The simple explanation is the rate per delivery or attempted delivery (dry run), times the number of deliveries or attempted deliveries completed is route pay. Route … Read more