Find A Good Mentor And Be A Good Mentee

The first article in this series listed more than 25 tactics to increase your business success, all of them based on my experience. I started with nothing and didn’t get to college, so I know you can achieve maximum success, regardless of your education. E-mail me to get the first article (or any of the … Read more

What Is A Good Machine Operator Worth?

How much should I be paying an operator? This is one of the questions I hear often. I’m also told “I can’t find anyone to run this equipment.” For me there are several things that work for you and against you in the equipment world. The physical condition of your equipment, the elements you use … Read more

Thinking Outside the Box

Having returned from NACE ‘s Automechanika held in Chicago, Illinois, I have much to report. From my perspective, even though the McCormick Place Convention area housed lots of helpful and informative vendors, it seemed like there were less attendees than last year.  That’s not good! When fellow auto recyclers that come all this way to … Read more

I Can’t Find Good People

We hear this over and over again. Why can’t we get good applicants from our job postings? Statistics The hiring environment favors people that are looking for employment. The June 2017 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the following: 6.2 million job vacancies and 5.2 million hires These numbers tell us that there … Read more

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

I have been on a whirlwind tour lately and have seen lots of recyclers and one of the things that we spent time talking about is the customer experience. How many of us stop and look at the facility from the customer’s point of view? You have many different perspectives that you deal with. What … Read more