Live Your Life & Forget Your Age

On May 7th, 2019, stem cells were injected into my right leg. I had been living with severe pain for two to three years and consulted with eleven doctors from various ends of the healthcare market in the last 16 months. To my chagrin, I’ve seen more doctors than some people see in a lifetime. … Read more

Announcement: Non-Bounty NHTSA Alerts

YMM System based on Year, Make Model — Focus on BMW, Dodge/Chrysler, VW/Audi The RAS Bounty program for defective Takata Airbags is based on VIN verification of vehicles by the Recycler. We provide the tools and software to verify those VIN’s against our recall buyback database. The industry is to be applauded for a significant … Read more

Get A Higher Price For Your Wheels

When a recycler does not identify the Hollander Interchange part number for a wheel, often that wheel ends up underpriced. Instead of being sold to a remanufacturer, a specialty wholesaler, or on eBay for $30-50, it’s sold as scrap for a meager $18. The problem is that identifying the Hollander Interchange part number for a … Read more

Continuing Your Education

Converter Processor, Smelter, and Refiner? Does It Matter To Me? Our mantra at United Catalyst Corporation is Getting You the Most from Your Converters with A Process You Can Trust. It is more than a slogan. It is our mission. It is our brand promise. It is what gives our work meaning. Every article I … Read more

3 Sales Calls Your Team Should Be Making

Is your tenured sales staff continually looking for new sales opportunities? Are they working to grow their book of customers? They need to be! After having spoken with dozens of sales managers and yard owners, an area that frequently gets “back-burnered” by a seasoned sales team is outbound calling. Here are three calls they need … Read more